ZAIGAM!! is a top-down shooter in the spirit of Gradius, R-Type, Axelay, Raiden, Gradius 2(lifeforce), Time Pilot, Aleste, Polaris, Sinistar, River Raid, and… well… just about every other game that had a jet in it before 1992. Arrow keys control the ship. CTRL fires the gun and plasma shields twice.
The Windows exe is here:
The over-packed .blend file is here:
That’s a Blender 2.42 file, by the way. I wouldn’t advise opening it in another version, unless all you want to do is steal my cool textures. But I might sue you if I see my work in a big-name successful game without a royalty check to go with it. It’s a calculated risk.
If you actually DO download and play the game, you’ll notice an incongruous wasp creature that appears in the first few seconds and tries to hump you. This is the result of my inability to append levels properly. If you look at the packed .blend file, you’ll notice a gordian knot of redundant datablocks. I just created “waspy” yesterday, along with his incredibly ugly friends in the second visibility layer, and had to append him to the file to test him out. But once you pack the textures, you’ve made a copy of said textures, and if you’re not careful, that stuff can multiply exponentially on your unsuspecting ass. I believe there are several duplicates of the Death Star base plating (Dstar1.003?) represented in the final output of the all encompassing “PACK DATA!” command that I use with such abandon. Also, the Bonus Blimps have some serious scaling issues, but I’ve almost solved that.
You might also notice that there’s no Python, it’s all logic bricks. I don’t speak Python. Ironically, neither do actual pythons. They mostly just hiss.
Sorry about all the flowery language, I’ve been reading a lot of Neal Stephenson recently.


Looks pretty good to me, I think the ship texture could use some work but other than that everything looks great. I haven’t actually played the game because im too lazy to download 2.42 and it goes all crazy in 2.43.

Keep it up, I’d like to see the game completed = )

Your game is nice Jonas
Just played it. Though kept on dying - can’t even cross the first circle base.
The opening screen - Reflection of the tower - colored water , sky and the green black textures bases are looking great. The sound effects are also nice. The camera movement is also good.
But on thing is that the fire from the players ship looks solid. (You can use some “ADD”. Select it and goto Uv Mode. Select all faces and set “ADD” and click “Copy drawmode”. This is give some nice effect i hope)
And another thing is that when you move forward and fire, the lasers seems to go backward . May be you should increase the speed of the lasers or decrease the speed of the ship.
And another thing is that everytime the game restarts it becomes slow. I wonder whether you used “restart game” actuator or some other thing.
Nice game. Thanks

Wow! Those graphics are awesome, and I’m impressed that your game is made completely with Logic Bricks. My computer’s a little old, so the game ran a little slow, but it was still playable for the most part. Like Vimal said, you might want to do something about the ship out-running its lasers. Also, (as Vimal already said) the game does get slower every time it restarts.

You will gain a reasonable increase in your framerate if you delete one of the always sensors on your camera. You can run the constraint and camera actuators from one always sensor running to one AND controller. Just run two lines out from the AND. Also, turn off positive pulse mode on the Always. It only needs to fire once at start up and never again, since contraint and camera actuators “stick”.

You need to change your image sizes to powers of 2. I checked a few, and they were all oddball sizes. If your textures are not sized in powers of 2, Blender wastes precious resources scaling them in active memory, so sizing them right will increase your framerate. (By sizing in powers of 2, I mean the height and width should each be a power of 2, for example: 256x256 or 512x1024) This is easy to do. Just scale your images in a photo editing program and save them, then in the UV window, select “Image >> Reload” for each one. (Might not be a bad idea to back up your originals first.)

I didn’t really look through the rest of your file that hard, but I think just those few changes will go a long way. Keep up the good work. By the way, you get one of these:

I am not going to play your game 1 more time:D
I have already died 99 times and i couldn’t even cross the first base. You should give atleast to me a version of the game where i never die. I don’t wanna die 100 times in a single day.
And the big beast at the center it never dies how much i shoot.
And there is one more issue - the game plays at a good rate 50-60 FPS but when the big beast comes in it slows down - 10 FPS - i think that’s is because it is shooting hell lot of green balls everywhere - you could try to reduce it.
Man, most important of all make the game easy for kid like me.:evilgrin:

Thanks guys, great advice! I honesty didn’t know that about the texture scaling… If I had, I’d have been squaring everything off from day one. and Blendenzo… I couldn’t have done it without your tutorial links.
Sorry about the game being too hard… I fell into a pattern while test-playing it over and over, and didn’t think too much about most of the ergonomic issues…
The vulture-miniboss had the hit sensor set wrong: after the first shot, if you continue firing steadily it doesn’t register the additional hits, so you have to stop shooting for a second or so after each hit to let it “recharge”… This’ll be weeded out for the next version. I apologize for killing you over and over like that…
So, less sensors/actuators, and certain controllers are permanent… This is handy advice indeed… Thanks again!

looks really nice! i like stuff in layer 2 :slight_smile:
unfortunately it is unplayable for me (maybe cuz i am on mac?)
… spaceship’s speed grows enormously fast :eek: then i crash through some allien ships and finally with speed of light i smash into wall in the end of base. it all happens almost in 4 seconds.
it is better when i play with enable All frames on. at least i can turn my ship. i reached the end of all bases in 10 seconds. i guess AI didn’t even noticed me passing through their base ;). then ship goes hyperspace

ok i found the problem. i guess it is Mac only collision bug i have faced in my previous games. i had to disable collision detection for Ship and Thrust so they doesn’t affect each other . then game runs smooth and nice, framerate is also good on my slow mac, but now ship goes thru walls and AI isn’t showing, cuz ship does not collide anymore…
This is the bug that cannot allow to finish my spaceship game! yay now i move to PC to finish my games.

… hum … too hard ??? is it a joke ??? I could wander and go to the 3rd circle, and even visit this strange redish sphere in the horizon without firering a single shot ! … the speed of the ship outperform all monster AND bullets so it’s realy easy to slalom between those green things flying gently all over there …

but hey … cool ! … :stuck_out_tongue: I like game that are not one and just enjoy the trip in another virtual world … this one has nice colors … :slight_smile:

also the texture from the evilbee monters alone are cute ! as you centered them, its an artwork in itself …

I think that’s some work ahead for this becoming a real “game” (you know with goals, challenges and cinetik emotions) but the atmosphere is there… just more work on the “credibility side” …( IMHO it’s not absolutely necessary to go “classical”… I like strange game behaviors )

keep on blendering :slight_smile:

[edit] if I could give you a tip, is to look at how Tase work with texture, outlining face edges and using radiosity, it could be interresting with your style with lowpoly meshes…

other tips : green bullet faster, ship slower “fast forward” and no backward speed (hum … why not handbrake turn work in the air is a matter of real physics :stuck_out_tongue: ) and also putting a big constraining system (invisible cube i.e. with or without visual and scenical role/mesh) could oblige player to go to combat frontaly and not going by the side then backward in the scenario …

Great game. You can wander around a lot without getting hit at all but as soon as you start shooting at stuff you die almost straight away. Also you cannot shoot while forward is held down.

Maybe it’s just me, but when I start this game in blender, it instandly fly’s like the speed of light to the end of the map and as soon as I try to steer using the left or right arrow the complete camera spins like crazy and it’s totally unplayable for me. I have no clue what happens but it could be that it’s blender 2.43 which makes it totally unplayable.:confused:

Yes, Blender 2.43 is the problem. As Jonas Plank said, the game was made in 2.42a, and it does not work in other versions. I get the same problem as the rest of you do in 2.43, but the game plays fine in 2.42a.

It’s been cleaned up a bit for the second level… is the .blend (still 2.42, sorry) is the Windows Executable…

A can’t figure out a way to get that centipede to undulate properly… Is there a way to bake a lattice deform to an IPO?
Also, how do I remove the poll from this thread?
]These are more like a mod, but I intend to assemble the game in seperate scenes for each level…


Could you please upload a .zip. The mediafire one says that there’s an error.

Same From here.

~Red Hand

Could you please upload a .zip. The mediafire one says that there’s an error.

Yea, same here. Your game looks fantasic ,though. I REALLY want to play it.

(still 2.42, sorry)

What is wrong with verson 2.42a? Personally I think it is the best blender verson besides the new 2.45.

hi, reallya nice effort but got the same problem as mentioned above. which windows plateform are you using?