Zakumi- BWDC

Alright, bit busy right now, but I was inspired by Zakumi and the topic for the week day challenge. Just wanted to post this, partly because I might not have time to work on it any more. If anyone wants to take this starting point and use it, feel free. Still to do: Fix overall head shape, Hands!!!, eyes, mouth (just a texture or model it?), and of course materials and textures.

I really like the artist’s style, Andries Odendaal. Very nice character design IMO. Simple and elegant.


Zakumi.blend (228 KB)

Worked on the Jabulani soccer ball. Whew, quite a difficult task to model this. I made some sacrifices in the accuracy department, my jabulini will have 8 triangular-oval shapes while the real one only has 4. Mirror modifier issues, just couldn’t wrap my mind around it right.

Biggest problem with it is trying to maintain the sphere shape while cutting in the shapes. It’s a little lumpy still, I may take another crack at it yet.


jabulani.blend (298 KB)

hi 3dementia

I will help you in the modeling of the adidas habulani, I did this.

you can see how i did this here

Thanks a bunch kbt! I will definitely look into how you did it. I may not fix my model because I’m really tight on time, I can only work on this today. And I have already textured it. :frowning:

If I get more time I will fix it up.


Zakumi progress! All that’s left now are hands and teeth. Looking pretty good IMO for just one days work. Rushed the hair, you can spend so much time tweaking mesh hair like this, I just got it done quick and dirty.

I am running out of time, I might consider working more on this tomorrow night, but I promised myself it would be just one day. We’ll see what I can do in the hour before bed.


Finished! Feel free to use the blends however you like.


Zakumi.blend (80.6 KB)jabulani.blend (140 KB)