Zalman cnps 9900 nt- CPU cooler; a lux render

i have done this model just for practise, to improve my modeling skills :wink:
i do not know how long i worked on this, but i started this day in the morning :wink:
rendered as always in lux, the big picture rendered 2h 30min (1600s/px) the smaller ones each 20 min at 1000 s/px.
renderings with the led lights will follow soon :wink:
hope you like it.
[big view](


Nice one! I got two of these in my system cooling two Xeon quads. Very nice Lux render.

-Rick “Phr0stByte” Wohlschlag
Phr0stByte and BertrandB’s model repo:…ral=Phr0stByte

thank you phrostbyte :slight_smile:
i only have one of this, but its cooling a xeon quad, too :slight_smile: (w3520)
for the led fans i have a green light version, the rendertime was twice as high as the one without the led light … all about 6 hours for all pictures :wink:


Really good work.

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