Zania, the Chronicles of epic World

Hello fans of Blender and perhaps also of Zelda,

We working on a Remake of Zelda ocarina of time, its only for study and fun.
Well its not allowed to give you this stuff for playing, Nintendo has copyright of this.

I hope the videos gives you some imagine how great it colud look within Blender.

I used Martinsh realtime shader, thx for that MartinSh it schould really be harcoded into Blender.

Its all realtime, i hope you never thing its not. Its such great.

Greets Mathes :smiley:

very nice! I was hoping someone would do this! I’m only 13, but I love zelda :D… Anyways, my game project was inspired my Zelda and Final Fantasy, it’s like a mix between them both (it’s in my signature if you want to see it! Cool project, also you said we couldn’t be able to play it? right… Copyrights. How will you post updates, from YouTube? Will you ever make an actual release of the game? What’s the point of putting here, if we just get to see videos of a game? Anyways, cool videos, and Good Luck on the project!

Nintendo isn’t too nice about fan games, and niether is Blender Artists. It’s unfortunate because that intro you posted is very nice looking. What I would recommend is that you change the name from Zelda to Helga (like jplur did back in the day) and make your game look only suspiciously like Zelda–that way, your art won’t be constrained to someone elses ideas and you won’t get shut down by Ninty.


Ok we have talked about it long time. We know about this Problem so we decidet to make it under a new name and look, but we are a little cofused about it. Well, think of, we want to make the same places with other names but it looks so different because of next gen effects, is it then legal or ilegal also you could now its Zelda but we say its not…(I am german i hope you know what i mean).

What could we do, must we make a new story (our story is changed a bit, its not really the same) and new places or could we develop it with the old Locations with new style?

Just think of the old kokiri tree, must we leave him out?

The new name would be ZANIA, so princess Zania, the epic world. It looks similar but that could be used to make it an own game. The Logo changed a lot so its similiar but in an really other way. We hope youl will answer soon so that we have an answer about our headache project

Greets Mathes

Yes, if you change the details of the game so that it is similar to Zelda while not being Zelda, we can allow it to continue. Otherwise we’ll be forced to delete it. Thanks for your cooperation.

What could we do, must we make a new story (our story is changed a bit, its not really the same) and new places or could we develop it with the old Locations with new style?

As for your story? You don’t need to change anything in the story really, if there was any sort of copyright on it, we probably wouldn’t even have Zelda. Just have fun with the story–taking your main influence from Zelda. The beauty of making your own game is that you can do whatever you want. Create some form of dungeon that would never make it’s way to a zelda game. You can still make a fan game that contradicts what the standards.

Why don’t you take the art from the old games and base your game off of that. That would certainly generate some hype among long time Zelda fans.


Ok we changed the name into Zania and made a new logo similiar to the Orriginal. Its not a big difference so it has the same Feeling of it. I hope to have Time showing you the Result Today.

This will be great also it has not the same name :evilgrin:
Ok so we make similiar places and charackters, but they will have very different Details and gamefeeling. One new thing is that there will be the choosable charakters, all with an other Story. The Triforce now called “Das Siegel” and Navi is Called Jasna. Well…You could choose what you are, you can turne “Das Siegel” (i know, it might be fun reading it) into Light and darkness pepending on what you are doing. Also it can be that you get an other seal as the courage one. This will make more gamedeep.

Well see you than i hope this is now right, please give an reply.

Greets mathes

I deleted all files from the old remake post :eyebrowlift:

Nice work. I think you’ll ultimately feel more satisfaction this way anyway. Now you’re actually creating something new, rather than just re-doing something that someone else did.

Like I said, it would be so unreasonably cool if you used their old concept art as the basis for your game. :eyebrowlift:


Ok here you have new goodies…Iam testing a bit with HD textures for Gameengine.

Its so nice you could think you can touch it and smell the wet leaves.

Test it yourself and feel free to mod it

Greets Mathes

Keep in mind that a spec map is at least as, if not more, important than a normal map- without one, the leaves look like plastic. With spec and no normal, the leaves look like a proper material. (although spec and no normal is better than normal and no spec, both together is still the best)

I don’t think you want textures more than 512*512 if you like decent frame rates.

You mightn’t be feeling the hit with a single plane in an empty scene but with characters, objects, statics collisions lighting ai etc you will

Hey / moin,
how far are you exactly and do you need any help with anything? am a big Zellda fan and speak fluent English + German. Would be game for translations / english texts, I could do some minor blender work too though ^^

Well we have no big questions yet but this sounds great. Hm we need some coders, well as someone how can make the undertext (i hope this is the right word) this could be very difficult because we want to make it like Knights of the Old repuplik with many things you can talk about…-.-

Well with this HD texture, its really not that heavy, We textet it several times and what comes aout is that it only takes maximum 8 % of frames also there are many different of them the only thing that reduces Frames per second is vertices. So i hope we get the right amount of Vertices. All other thing are no Problem at all.

What could be a problem is Alpha textures like grass an so on this makes Frames very low so we must develop a way reducing themby distance like Lod and other features.

We gonna Rock the engine really :cool:

But i understand taht many would say, well taht can not work i could not belive it but i have seen working it it is not my first time project ^^


Greets Mathes

Wow, so is that video just a bunch of bge tests?

hey nice video greate doemos the car looked like a render :stuck_out_tongue: annyways good luck with this project :slight_smile:

Yes it is :wink:

Here ist another Test using an simpel Plane of under 100 Vertices with a Picture Randomly searched on Google. I made the Rest (Normalmap and Highmap) entirely in Blender…

Cool videos, but they’re not really relevant to the topic… (unless you’re going for a really ‘new’ interpretation of zelda that involves flamethrowers and sports cars)

In other words: you have a lot of skill in making visuals, and I wish you the best of luck on your project.