Zanotta pouf - my first render with Cycles

Hey guys,
this is my first test with Cycles Render … very impressive engine!
8 min 22 sec with MacPro dual Xeon… love it! :slight_smile:

quite nice :slight_smile: and welcome to the forum!

That fabric looks so real! If not for the blank background, I feel like it could be passed off for a photo.

vary wall done. Photo realistic to be sure.

thanks guys! :slight_smile:
I tried to simulate some mix materials in a simple studio set… My target is to substitute 3DS Max, V-Ray and Maxwell render with Blender and Cycles in our pipeline (
I’ll post some new scenes soon :slight_smile:

imho just a bit too sharp…excellent result anyway! bel lavoro bravo!

Very nice! Cloth is marveolus design or blender cloth? Can you share some tips about your workflow modeling?
Italian slang mode on::yes:
Bravo venessian, te lo dise un rovigoto!

Impressive! The blanket on the right looks a bit better than the one on the left.
Both make me want to snuggle up in them :wink:

amazing work i would say photo-realistic level. I would ask the same question of peperepe77 did you do the cloth simulation through marvelous design or blender cloth?
if blender cloth i will be double shocked and amazed.
as i would say this is marvelous design quality…
one last thing i fell in love with the materials and lighting can you share a couple of tips…? :slight_smile:

Yep top notch, I would welcome an opportunity to see how you set the nodes up on the materials. I also enjoyed checking out your portfolio that was posted.

thanks guys! :slight_smile:
as I said this is my first test with Cycles, it’s not modeling with Blender (not yet :)) …
Cloths was made with Marvelous but I would to try some test with Blender cloth :wink: (Marvelous creates a random subdivision on surfaces … this produces the more realistic effect in the physics deformation of the objects … we’ll try to make it also in Blender).
The models of Sacco are simple poligonal models deformed by cloth modifer in 3DS Max.
I’ll post the lights and materials settings very soon! :wink:

very photoreal,nice work

settings …

Thanks Luciano!

Thanks for sharing your setups… just a note for your consideration, on the node setups where you are using the normal map you may want to change the image node to be “non-color” instead of color. I remember seeing a post that made that recommendation when using normal maps. Not sure what if anything would change, but you may want to experiment.

But either way the materials/lighting came out real nice

Amazing how the simple thing can be so beautiful and realistic. Great job!

harleynut97: hanks for the tip … I’m going to test it!
AniMeAniBe: thanks! … that’s absolutely true! :yes:

that’s amazing! Grats and thank you very much for the infos!! :slight_smile: