ZAppLink for Blender?

I’m interested in finding an equivalent to ZBrush’s “ZAppLink” plugin for Blender if it is available. I’ve tried the projection painting features of the current 2.49 RC1 build and it’s just not quite there for me. Being able to paint over a render and have it applied back to the model/texture in Blender would save me a lot of frustration.

What I’m looking for is something that can save out a series of images from a given camera angle/position. The list of images would be as follows:

  • Standard render (including any applied shaders and/or lighting) - the image to be painted over.
  • Optional render without the selected texture (i.e. lighting only) - used to remove lighting information from the paint-over image when done
  • UV render - storing the UV coordinates of the render in the RGB components of the image for projecting the paint-over back onto the texture.
  • Normal render - storing the normals of the rendered mesh in the RGB components of the image for assisting in projecting the paint-over back onto the texture (the more orthogonal the normal, the less the paint-over is copied into the projected texture).

I know it is possible to do all of this by hand, but that would be a major hassle. Is there an existing script that could be used for this or (more likely) could someone assist in the development of such a script for use by myself and others?

well… this is kinda similar:

but a script would be nice yeah… :\