zarathorne's WIP(s)

This is kind of a test render for a scene I’m trying with AO. I wanted to do something with it on because I just kind of figured it out… >.< been using blender for 2 years now. I need a texture for the tunnel and I need to figure out what I’m going to do in the background. Any critique is very welcome.
This was a rose I modeled with some planes. Lots of post processing and not a whole bunch of texturing.

Brilliant renders. I can’t pick anything to make improvements. You’ve done quite well to put the images in large format. I think these images would be so cool to show the world - you are doing really well.

thank you. I think the AO does everything for the first render, but there’s still a whole bunch of work to do with that scene. (completing textures on it and adding something actually interesting would be nice)

Quick update with some added stuff. Kind of getting a theme going here… still need some way better texturing lol

Maybe you should do surface diffuse on the grass, otherwise it’s nice.

Okay. So I set up Surface Diffuse (thanks for the tip, John) for the grass, and I changed some stuff around so I could render a lot more particles a lot faster. Here’s the render now:

Okay… last update for tonight. Morphed the rock around the tunnel because I realised how silly it looked. Added some background, changed the lighting a bit. I think I have the basic scene where I want it, but still willing to take any suggestions or criticism. Tomorrow I’ll be adding in plenty of details, a lot more modeling to go now.

It looks weird without the grass not being everywhere.

I agree with you 100%. I wanna add some in the background but I think I’m going to wait until final render. That way I can let it render a sh*t ton of grass and just leave it for a day.

Here, you can do different render layers. I’ll post a description in a minute.

EDIT:: Ok, check the image below for a demonstration. (PS:: also make sure to duplicate the same lighting setup and add to layer 2)


Those Blocks around the entrance, since they have no obvious architectural significance, I’m going to assume they’re there for show, but you might want to indent them into the rock a bit so that they don’t look like they’ve been glued on by a cheep stonemason.

Update. Fixed the blocks, grass (still need to add some more though), and added some “stuff”. Still going to add a lot more “stuff” though.

Did you see what I said about render layers? It’s really simple and makes the render time like 5 seconds, lol. You can have every object in a different layer if you want. All you do is render each one seperately ONCE then when you change one thing render only that layer, and it’ll composite the other layers.

Yeah i figured it out. That’s definitely a life-saver. Made my render time so quick lol. Thanks a ton for the tip.