Zark 2: Into the Titan PREVIEWS!

Hello everyone!
If all goes according to schedule, the Zark game should be available August 31, which is a week from today! (Yay!!!) To whet your appetites, I’ve put together some exclusive screenshots for y’all. Check 'em out! If you want even more, be sure to check out the Titan website.

Thanks for looking, and stay tuned!


Im very exited about your game! :yes:

I’ve tested it a long time ago, but it was not compatible to the actual blender version. So i’m very happy to make it through this game now. Thanks a lot for the knowledge sharing! :smiley:

Impressive! The screenshots look very professional, and I think your game will show the Blender world that the BGE isnt just a “toy”. I can’t wait for the release = )

game looks great, congratulations

two thumbs up from our art department :slight_smile:

Yes, impressive!!!

all I can say

“wheee heee hee hee hi whooo whoo haa haa haa hieaaaaaayyaaa yaaeaaay…”

MagicMyshu, you’re one of my Beta testers. You already have access to the entire game. Didn’t you get the PM?

Thanks everyone!

By the way, you might want to add something that catches “Zark” if he falls off the side, something that says game over or something like that, because it kinda gets boring seeing him fall after a while. lol

Red Hand, when that happens (in the demo) press R to reset his position. If it happens in the finished game you instead open the menu and click Reset Position.

I think it would be good to have something at the bottom to catch him too.

It looks very good PlantPerson! I never really figured out the last one you made, but it was very well put together.

One question: does your camera detect walls and move accordingly so as not go through them?


Regarding the camera, no, I’m afraid not. I don’t know any good way to do that.

Regarding the feature requested by Red Hand and Mr. Crunchy, it has been duly noted and integrated into the game. Thanks for speaking up!

i have played the earlier version , i liked it alot :slight_smile: , I want to DLD this one too …

when will we be able to DLD the game ?

edit :- is this the right link , is it fininshed or demo or what ?

Hey 3DGURU, the game was released on August 31… here’s the release thread:

The page you linked is the correct download page, too.

i was illuted (verb from illusion ) by the members … because they didn’t reply too much .
DLDing your game , and after fininshing it i will tell you my opinion