Zark Game #1 is Coming!
This is why I haven’t been working on elysiun the game. The Zark Game Chapter 1 is almost finished! The Golden Arm takes off for an adventure in space later this week, as soon as the beta period is over (I’m having my family test it). This is a 2.36 game, because mouseover is needed for the menu, but it would probably work fine in 2.37 as well, menu excepted.

The Zarks began in a series of comic books I was drawing (and still am… but I can’t post them because I don’t have a scanner.) I always wanted to make a game out of them, and finally here it is… hoping for a Friday release, if all goes well.

This game is very interactive, with multiple objects to interact with, and every character can talk. In one level there is even a robot you can control. The game has six levels, with five unique environments, four of which are very expansive. All of them contain a lot of movement, sound, and textures. I was working with three main rules here:
-Always have something moving on screen
-Use photographic textures whenever possible
-Every screen should be a be a “Back-of-the-box” picture (This rule was invented by Presto Studios for Myst 3)

I make extensive use of Pepius’ excellent UVscroll script. It’s an amazing script. I’ve used it for steam, water, fire, teleporter effects… everything.

This was over a year in the making (Started September 2004) so get ready… here it comes.

That’s a very good news !

I’m glad somebody thinks so. :frowning:

Others are writing letters for santa ! :smiley:

It looks great, can’t wait to play it!

i will download this one for sure!

looks awesome!!!


Looks a really interesting project! I’ll be keeping an eye out for the download. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Thanks everybody… there’s still a few things that need to be cleaned up, and then I’ll post a blend, and later an EXE.

Oh, blissfull joy! This looks great!

whoa! I love the textures on the 1st image of the 2nd row :o

waiting for the first edition

Almost all of these textures were made from photographs. And I used baked lighting, so the game looks more realistic but still runs (fairly) fast.

I’ve d/l’d the game, but it goes thru the loading sequence, then crashes blender (2.36) at the point where it’s about to begin. Any suggestions?

Skip the loading sequence. It’s not really necessary, it only makes the game run more smoothly. Choose the main menu scene to start from instead. If that crashes, choose the spaceport.

Just do it manually, through the blender scene menu, instead of through the game. You’ll need to de-maximize the view window before you can see the scene menu, though. (Ctrl+Up)