Zark Game #1 is HERE!

Download it now:
9.59 MB zipped blend file.

This game is graphics intensive. If your computer isn’t very fast, it will probably not work very well. These are probably close to the minimum requirements:
1.5 GHz or faster CPU
500 MB or more RAM
Fairly new video card. Nvidia is best.

This game has been tested only with Blender 2.36, but should work with most versions. In 2.37, some menus will not work due to mouseover bug.

Is the main character supposed to just be sliding around? I am using 2.40 to run your game and there is no walk cycle animation when I move the character around. Maybe its a bug or you didnt bother to animate a walk cycle in the first place?

Also the controlls are a little funny, as in when I am in FP view, the movements dont correlate to the position of the mouselook. (when I look in one direction, pressing forward does not go forward in the direction that I am looking at, but in the predetermined way as it is in Third Person view.)

Aside from all those things, I can respect the effort that was put into making this game.

Good luck in your future endevors.

Yeah, there is an armature bug in 2.4 as far as I can tell right now.

Armatures are not implemented in the game engine at this point due to the complete rewrite of the armature system.

I’m downloading this game now.

Thanks for looking, Social. Yes, you’re right. In 2.40 there is no armature support. I can’t guarantee that any other features will work in 2.40 either as I haven’t gotten it yet. I can tell by your post that you ignored the readme, because it addresses several of the issues you mentioned. I did not take time to make the controls make sense in first-person.

Yes you are right, I did ignore the readme. I apologize.

Wow, Plantperson. This is a very impressive piece of work. I love the interaction between the Zarks and the cinematic intros. Super day-to-night transition too.

I have no negative things to say at all, but I have got 2 suggestions:

Maybe use the camera actuator to have the camera track the Zark, because the camera staying in one position limits the view a lot.

I noticed that a few textures are packed 4 or 5 times. This increases the file-size unnecessary. Usually getting double or more times the same texture occurs when you append objects or scenes which has textures you are already using (textures and material settings are appended too).

What you can do about this is selecting faces of the appended object and changing to the texture you loaded first.

I’m looking forward to more Zark adventures


victor, press “F2” for eye view, you can move the view around with your mouse.

Which brings me to the movement, would be nice if the movement is in line with the view second, what I do once I get to those bones in the farm ?

I realized that by installing 2.4 I overwrote 2.36 and I can’t get to the Blender site to download yet (servers probably overflowing with 2.4 being released) so I can’t play this game to its fullest. One thing I didnt like was the local motion controls. They were hard to get a hang of. I did like the cinematics though. I cant wait to play it with 2.36.

I’m glad everyone is enjoying it. The double textures result from my habit (I’ll break it now, I promise!) of making each level in a separate .blend file. This got started back in 2.25 when the sound actuator list stopped working when you had too many sounds. My solution to the fix was to spread a game out over several files. I started doing that for this project too, but in the end I merged them, resulting in several copies of my favorite textures. Luckily, compressing the file just about cut the size in half though.

I was aware of the camera’s problems, but I was unable to find a better way to do it. It will be one of the areas I focus on for the next Zark game, Into the Titan. I also intend to make a new Zark model and animations for the next game, one without the blocky limbs and “roller skating” walkcycle. Don’t hold your breath, though: this game took over a year to make, and I don’t expect the next one to take any less!

Oh, and to Al_Capone: Have you tried messing with the Hoverbot? Press Right Alt and it will come to Zarkie. Maybe now you can figure it out? Also, if you don’t understand the level, the ingame menu (Backspace) can display the objective.

Once again, when can we expect a mac compatible version released? If you could upload the blend somewhere, would you please PM me so I can compile a mac compatible version? Please?

This is the blend version.

MagicMan, whenever I get a new version of blender I save the .exe file in a sperate folder. This way I have all of the older versions of blender already downloaded and saved on my Hard Drive. If I ever need to go retro on something I got the install waiting.

The second option alot of people use is to install each version in a new directory file.


JABayne, thanks for the advice; I usually do that but this time I accidentally installed over 2.36 because I wasn’t paying attention.

Back on topic…The scene where you get the fossil ran unreasonably slow for me unless I enabled all frames but altogether it is a good game.

Windows EXE is here, if you like that sort of thing:

…access anything other than the intro? I’d like to examine some of the settings, meshes, etc. but can only seem to get to the first 250 frames that make up the intro sequence. I’m a gnuB to blender, so I’m probably missing something simple.
BTW - the game is very qul…nice work for a first !

Um… there is no intro sequence. You can take it apart all you want, I don’t care. The easiest way would be to download the .blend and just choose which scene you want to look at. And though I appreciate your compliment, this is by no means my first game. :slight_smile: I’ve been making games for about five years.

You are also welcome to change my demo and look at that as well, look for a topic “Blendlet” and Blendlet2.