Zark Game - Beta Seeks Volunteers & Mac User

Hello everyone! The Zark Game entered private Beta as of yesterday (it’s v. 0.1.2 as of this writing, and I’ll be working on 0.1.3 after I post) and as soon as I think it’s ready, I will be sending a beta version to a number of participants for testing. This is not a large Beta, though it will be beyond the confines of my house it is still a closed Beta and will only involve a small number of people. It is not a public Beta and the Beta version will not be available for public download.

All right, here are the volunteer positions I’m looking to fill:
2-3 regular Beta testers
Just standard Beta testers, responsibilities are to play the game, keep an eye out for errors/bugs/things-that-don’t-seem-right and report them to me. Willing to download new Beta release versions frequently.

1 Game Engine Expert
I need someone who knows a LOT about the game engine to help me get the game to run more smoothly. Especially the mouseover-based interaction has caused the game to run much slower than I’d like, and it can be finicky at times as well (if the Zark’s collision bounds block an object, for example, you cannot click it). I’d like one of our resident Python/Game Engine experts to take a look at the game’s workings and suggest how they could be streamlined, especially things related to mouseclick interactivity.

1 Art Critic
I’d like one person with a flair for the artistic to play through the game and try to point out to me areas that you think could be improved visually. I’m working under Myst III director Phil Saunders’ philosophy that “everything should be a back-of-the-box picture”, and I want to make sure I live up to that. The Art Critic will not be expected to solve the puzzles, I will provide you with all the solutions if you want them.

All volunteers must be willing and able to download LARGE files, (The game is nearly 100 MB at this time) and have a fairly recent computer.

I will contact the volunteers by PM when the Beta is ready. Thanks.

EDIT: I knew I was forgetting something. I’m also looking for a Mac user who would be willing to create a Mac runtime for me. All you’d need to do is download the .blend when it’s ready, then upload a runtime somewhere so I can download it. I’d do it myself, but I don’t have access to a Mac anywhere. (Although I can make the Window$ and Linux ones myself)

If you want, you can add me to your list as a “spare wheel” ( the requisites are thought ) ! :slight_smile:
I’ll be out for a few days!

I voluteer for art critic (im good at it)

i’m up for it! I dont know much python but I still have a pretty good knowledge of the game engine

Art Critic positions filled by people who sent me PMs.

I have two Beta testers already, one from a PM.

Still seeking my Expert…

I might be able to help you some. But I won’t be able to do alot since the next few weeks are going to be busy for me. And I dunno if I would be your expert though, I’d say I’m more medium.

Beta Testers:

Art Critics:

I could use one more Beta tester, and still hoping for an Expert. My PM box is bulging right now, so please volunteer by posting here if you don’t mind.

Those of you who have been selected please watch your PMs for a message from me when the Beta becomes available.

Dang, 100 mega-bytes.

I wish I had high-speed. :frowning:

I’ll take the fun job =)

Darn! Myshu got to it before I did!

Well, if you need an extra beta-tester or art critic let me know = )

Don’t worry Crunchy, it compresses down to considerably less.

MagicMyshu, I don’t know about a fun job, but you can do Beta testing if you want! :wink:

venom, let’s wait and see how the Beta goes. If I feel I could use another tester, I’ll let you know.

Thanks everyone, and watch your PMs.

So, are the positions filled up? I’d like to be an artistic critic. (If you need a backup)

Sorry, I already have more art critics than I need. Don’t worry, the game itself will be released soon enough.

I have been pondering over the mouseover-lag thingie…

I wonder if you can cut your map up into zones, and have the mouse over sensor in the zone that the payer is in the only ones that are on.

somewhat the same way a LOD system would work.

So, the player touches the floor of zone one, it turns on all the mouseovers in zone 1, by adding the invisible click targets over the objects you want the player to interact with.

But first have it terminate all the click targets, to cycle everything to null .So you dont have to specify which ones to remove by name, as the player moves from zone to zone… it just terminates all of them, then adds all of the targets for that 1 zone.

Heh, I bet you could do it with logic bricks only :smiley:

he hits the floor in Zone 2, all click targets get removed (from zone 1 or zone 3,etc…), and the click targets in zone 2 get added…

hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

I thought about things like that Mmph, but some of the targets define complex behaviors (as in linked logic brick setups), and in some cases also store critical properties. It’s something I might try in a future project, but it’s a bit late for this one I’m afraid. The game’s occasional slowness is not entirely the fault of mouseover, either. There are a number of “puzzles” which have a lot of bricks and/or Python behind the scenes, which makes the GE unhappy.

thanks for the thought though.

Time to check your PMs people.

Looks great!

Just FYI, in the “island” scene after the meteor scene either the right or left rotation is turned up too fast. (.5 instead of .05). This is in the .blend I downloaded on the other thread. I thought I’d post it here instead so that it won’t turn into a 'report a bug ’ thread. :yes:

oh plantperson sorry i havn’t been able to test it much, i havnt even been able to get to the end of game :frowning: