Zaz 968A

My first work


New correction

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Reply? the reason why i delete it!

Deleted reply

Some changes, but there is a lot of work to do

why so long ?


Oops, my bad!

Some changes


looking very good so far!

really nice

Thanks man

Start to work on engine!


Hi snakeater,

that is a really cool little car you are taking on! I still remember them driving around on the streets!!! I hated them at the time, but today I wish I had one of those for real!!! Project looks good and looking forward to seeing you progress. Good luck.


Thanks! My uncle had one, but blue color. Unfortunately it has long been sent for scrap! I still remember as a child we went to the village in the summer.

Project is already finished


Please move it to the finished projects! Thanks

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Moved it, but you can do it yourself by editing your post.

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