Zblur for 2.25?

(garbager) #1

Hi great coders and blenderheads.

I know I’ve got nerves to ask that, I’m ashamed to do it so, but I’d like to know if someone is planning to adapt zblur plugin for the 2.25 version?

Thanks in advance for informations you could provide (or even for the 2.25 version of zblur plugin :))), anyone has the right to dream)

(eeshlo) #2

The problem is 225, not the plugin. I have read replies to similar questions on blender.org that this is because the API has changed, which is not the case, it is a 2.25 bug.
Which has been solved though by nikolatesla:

(garbager) #3

Thanks Eeshlo, as usual you’re the best.

The only problem is as I’m a python ‘not even newbie’, I didn’t get AT ALL explanation from nikolatesla.
Too bad, I think I’ll have to make without :slight_smile:
Thanks anyway a lot for your help. Someday I’ll understand this obscure langage, then will be able to use it :slight_smile:

Thanks anyway, for you very good work, to me you’re one of the pillar of Blenderheads :slight_smile:

(eeshlo) #4

The explanation he gave is not important, it isn’t about python. Nikolatesla compiled a new version of blender which can load plugins, but I just tried this, and although the zblur plugin loads, blender doesn’t seem to pass the necessary zbuffer to it. So it is still useless…
See, I can be wrong too!!! :stuck_out_tongue: