I was working on a zblur project. I’ve used zblur before, but have not yet acquired comfort with it.
I posted the file at


I can’t get it to work, to focus on the empty.
When I have “Auto focus” enabled, it doesn’t blur at all, and when I have it disabled, there’s no focal point, the whole thing is blurred.

Thanx Extreme.

I can say right off the bat, that the empty must be named “focus point”.
What you have in your blend file is ‘empty’.

You can find the name and change it in the edit menu, on the tab where it says “OB:Empty”

I got it working. With the ‘focal point’’ change, (and the fact I had to re-add the plugin, due to it being in a different location than where you had yours I think). I set Zmin and blur size to max, and presto!
If I had your email addy, I could send the file back to you… but I’m not sure how necesary that is.

Thank you everyone.