Zbrush 3.5 R3

And when you thought that Zbrush 3.5 could not get any better, Release 3 appears that brings a vault of new features. Some of them make Zbrush very good in an area that none will ever dare use it, mechanical modeling. If you think sculpting cannot be useful for mechanical modeling, well… think again.

Hard surface sculpting is not mechanical modelling. Can you show some of your mechanical models made with sculpting tools?

Sorry but whats the difference ?

Is it not the issue the ability to create hard edges and plane surfaces ?

as this way

this is a quick mechanical model.

You can also use polygroup paint for extrude flat surfaces like here

here is architectural modelling

and here some more examples of mechanical modeling.



You’re about 3 weeks late with the news, but for more info http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?t=077864
Note that this is just for windows, mac users are still waiting for any sign of a version 3.5


Yeah I know, cause I am registered owner of the Windows ( I use windows version in MACOS through parallels cause I don’t want to pay for the macos version or wait for it as it is usually delayed) version of Zbrush since version 1.13 so I get informed by Pixologic immediately for any free updates.

But I have to admit I ignored the update , cause 1) I though it wont be much, boy was I wrong 2) I am not doing any 3d at the moment . At least organic modeling.

So I though to post it here as we have several zbrush users. 3.5 is turning to Zbrush what is 2.5 to blender. That is a HUGE update with amazing new features. Its an excitement time for both zbrush and blender.

It worth our attention even if it is 3 week late.

I intend to give the zbrush mechanical tools a big try this weekend for my “SOLAR WIND SHIP” project, I will keep you posted.


Well, i’m sure this is not what’s meant by mechanical modelling, but this guy used blender for this model and it’s done in sculpt mode… pretty awesome if you ask me:

I have no idea how he did that.

This is not mechanical modeling at all.

This is free form sculpting.

With T-Splines in Rhino a retopoed geometry can be converted into NURBS.

Catia actually uses that in a seamless workflow.

For form finding low polygon modeling with subdivision surfaces
or sculpting and than redrawing it with retopo thsi technology is
actually indeed gaining interest.

Otherwise Catia would not support it and Catia is EXPENSIVE.

I am amazed. You’re every companies dream customer. You rather use workarounds and accept degraded performance (not mentioning paying for windows and parallels too, tough this has other uses) than demand from them to provide what they promise.

Edit: I don’t want to sound caustic or offend you, if you are happy with this setup, more power to you. I am just frustrated that companies get away with such things, that is all…

I am most companies worst customer for various reasons:

  1. I am not a registered Zbrush MAC user , I am a registered Zbrush Windows user. I converted to mac the last 2 years. I bought zbrush 1.13 in 2001 while still being a windows user and since then all updates were free so no complaining.

  2. I do not use zbrush as much as I use blender. So I dont care much.

  3. I am doing lately more 2d than 3d, as I found out that 3d needs alot of time which unfortunately I dont have.

So mac support for zbrush is way down my priority list. At the moment I am more interest in Gimp and then Blender than I do in zbrush. Alos I use pararrels just for testing zbrush once per month , I rarely leave the comfort of MACOS.

And yes Zbrush support for mac sucks big time. Thats pretty much well known.

Oh by the way I tried the mechanical tools in Zbrush, they leave alot to be desired, but they are on the right path, I am sure in version 4 Zbrush will be able to do mechanical modelling through sculpting tools with some ease.

Ok, no hard feelings then! And we agree on the point I wanted to make: ZBrush support for mac sucks.
Happy hollidays!

Of course… after all its Christmas!

Happy new year to all of you… I wish for same old boring “health and hapiness” … be creative :cool: