ZBrush 4 Release Date - 9th Aug 2010

At last the release date of ZBrush 4 has been announced, Aug 9th 2010

ZBrush 4 will be released for Windows and Mac systems on 8-9-10
(Monday, August 9, 2010)
At the same time, we will also be releasing updated versions of all major plugins,
as well as GoZBrush support for Modo, Cinema 4D, 3DSMax and Maya for Windows and Mac systems.

More information about ZBrush 4 and its features will be disclosed as we get closer to launch.
Come see us at SIGGRAPH 2010 and see Z4 in action!

ZBrush 4 will be released as a free upgrade to all current registered ZBrush users,
as well as for those who purchase ZBrush before Z4 is released.

Getting the upgrade will be easy, and linked to your Support Account.

If you have already created a Support account, simply log in and check to make sure that you have provided your Cleverbridge reference number and ZBrush 3 serial number.
If you have not created an account yet, do so and be sure to include the information from your license purchase (reference and serial numbers). Your Support account pre-registers you to receive the upgrades when they are released.

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hey! thats GREAT! I HAVE ZBRUSH 3!

Add another 6months to that release date. lol
Till then I would stick with Sculptris and Blender for sculpting.

Another video update and artwork from beta testers

ZBrush 4 has now been released

Z-Brush is still one of those programs that I just can’t figure out. Many people say Blender has a strange interface, but I think Z-Brush takes the cake on weird interface and workflow.

the GoZ SDK was also released, so my fingers are crossed for GoZ to Blender2.5 addon from a generous/talented programmer. hint, hint :wink:

any takers? anyone with the skills willing to code a GoZ plugin for Blender, if so, what would be the $$ bounty you would ask for??? Many of us would really enjoy this for Blender 2.5

@Atom what workflow, lol