Zbrush 4R4 IS HERE


the Qremesher is amazing and the booleans ufffff

Hell yeah!

That was fast.

LOL They copied 3d-Coat, as they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

retopo and curve tool looks like 3d-coat.

They should renew their whole awkward user interface. I can’t stand Zbrush because of that.

I mean, that is kind of funny. ‘Professionals’ are often moaning about Blender’s different user interface and how things works in Blender. But the same people using Zbrush which is really from a different galaxy.

zbrush outgrew its interface about 5 years ago,
yet they keep clinging to it, and cramming more crap into it for some reason.

Now this is the type of innovation I generally want to see inspire new tools and features for Blender (at least more so than what’s in Autodesk’s suite).

I’ve never bought Zbrush, but I look at every new release log and see something that would hopefully become part of Blender’s modeling toolset someday. (which becomes a bit more likely thanks to instances like the GSoC projects by JWilkens and the Institute financing the work by Nicholas Bishop.

And 3d-coat copied 3d sculpting in general from Zbrush - who gives? The end user is the winner…

oh boy I did not expect it for pixologic to do this so soon, zbrush is now ready for mechanical modeling. Purchasing is so tempting , damn… so cool… I am drooling over it… the awesome became more awesome.

Zbrush was NOT the first ever software to do 3D sculpting, just sayin’

I´m sure there was some kinda function in Maya that pushed around pixels, IIRC, but that´s entirely beside the point. Do you deny that Zbrush was a significant breakthrough in 3d sculpting, and the standard by which all 3d sculpt software are compared? Everyone copies ideas from everyone else, who would you care about that unless you´re a mindless fanboy?

retopo and curve tool looks like 3d-coat.

It looks like but it actually is not.
This Qremesher/retopo produces much better topology (clean loops), almost ready for rigging. OK you may need some touches here and there but again, pixo guys also improved the manual retopo.
I own both zbrush and 3dcoat, but zb is my favorite.
BTW, lot of improvements in latest 3dcoat builds as well, so, it’s up to you.
Here, some nonsense LOL, OK, I was just testing.
Take a look on wires (I converted them via topmod for fun and used box blended mapping).
Painted in zb + 16bit displ map / cycles

Sure, Zbrush is probably the best digital sculpting software that exists, I’m just saying that people shouldn’t think that Pixologic are the most innovative people in the world, they offer GREAT tools for cheap and I like them for that but all they really do is take concepts from other software and improve them or hire the developers to stop potential competitors from evolving instead of fixing their horrible GUI, in that regard they are not that different from Autodesk but it is all about business so I don’t really care. I’m no fanboy but Mudbox and Sculptris are about the only sculpting software I can stand using.

Maya had artisan tools a lonngggg time ago and so did 3DS. :slight_smile: – long story short, they all copy each other.

Please, try not to forget the viewport engine of zbrush, you can have a nice preview and sculpt smoothly on single meshes of 40 M faces. Using a LowEnd machine. No other app exists or ever existed that provides such an engine (based on CPU!!!)
No other app provides the fine tuned and still editable brushes of zbrush.
Zb also provides a UI that most people hate it. Too bad, as it’s the only tablet depended UI around.
All these in a very reasonable price.

i would never purchase it with the interface in the state that its in.
im not going to learn that system, i know its flawed.
redesign it, put the things in the right places, then i may look into it.
use a tabbed interface or whatever you have to do to clean it up.
pay a couple people to redesign thats all they do.
(one of them should be an artist that is well versed in other applications)

That’s exactly what I said about Blender looong time ago, when I was MAX user. And here I am now :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: motorsep beat me to it.

That’s why many people didn’t use blender 2.49 and earlier because the UI didn’t make much sense. Those people who could take it (like me) and wouldn’t whine about everything still managed to learn it and do awesome things. If you’re too good for zbrush’s complicated UI I doubt they will give a crap. I agree from what little time I’ve spent with Zbrush it’s not all that simple but I really don’t think that’s a reason to entirely skip the whole program. :no:

On a sidenote that “Insert Multi Mesh” featurevideo has to be some of the worst feature demonstrations ever. The camerawork was completely idiotic. :spin:

That’s exactly what I said about Blender looong time ago, when I was MAX user. And here I am now
same here!! i refused to Use or learn Blender 2.49 just because of the interface!
Im not a FanBoy, they switched to something reasonable, then i will use it.

im not going to have somone try and teach me how to read hieroglyphics,
and memorize millions of do’s and dont’s, just to run a damn app.
(knowing that all that memorization and knowledge is useless, because that interface
is going to be updated/redesigned sooner or later)

Oh… And Damn i just dropped my tool again!! err um am i in 2.5D mode again?? wtf… :frowning: