Zbrush 4r6

Pixologic has announced the release of zbrush 4r6

Wooooo Hooooo…
cant wait to home -n- upgrade…
I gotta dive into it, doris -n- michalis rocks with it :slight_smile:

I was tempted to remind people as well but it didnt seem like they would be interested in the fact there is an update to zbrush.


They might be jealous of whats inside that update specifically.

There’s a new function in the 4R6 update that automatically retopologizes a mesh and it does a very very good job at it, even to the point of getting edge flow down without having to draw out the flow with a curve.

Check it out:

Hmmmm… I wonder how it would do with a dyno topo?

That is rather impressive

Hmmmm… I wonder how it would do with a dyno topo?

No jokes, this tool works. Amazing. I just tested it on dyntopo. (after all why not to work there? if any issue, you can still dynamesh a duplicate, auto retopo, subdivide and project).
The first auto retopology tool that works.
Pixologic devs don’t just write codes and algorithms. They stay very very close to an artist’s needs. They do listen. Respect.

This is mind-blowing!

Got zbrush updated and cranked it up and tested out the ZRemesher…
On the left, a dynamic topo that got way out of control (before I found out about collapse edges :p)…
On the right ZRemesher at target polygons count at level 10… nothing else tweaked, just a quick -n- dirty test.

first impression is amazing, I suspect after tweaking the settings and finding a perfect balance of the levels would be a whole lot better.
I would think that even at this stage one could switch over to MultiRes and continue with detail.


I’ve been holding off from paying for a sculpting app, but now I think I’ll save my pennies and cough it up. Mmmmmm, auto-retopology!!!

While it’s a breathtaking feature I am looking at it with a smile in one eye and a tear in the other.

It gives you more time for the artistic part. If you have 10h for a game model you had to spend a good portion on retopo. This either cuts down the production time, or gives the artist more time to focus on the art part - after all retopo is a tedious task.

However I really enjoy doing retopo from time to time, and I think it’s an essential skill to be able to lay good loops. To me its the easier version of good old sub-d modelling :slight_smile:
And for me it’s the answer to the question “how to learn organic modelling”. Take a good sculpt of something organic and retopo it by hand.

Not that I know that much about retopo, but I agree that it’s still important to know the fundamentals. Otherwise, you wouldn’t necessarily know whether or not the remesher result had any issues.

I think you need to know the theory more than the practical side of it, as you`ll probably need to just adjust the mesh here and there. Overall this seems like a huge timesaver.

Wow, just compare the result of the Remesh modifier in Blender with what you see from the video or tungerz screenshot to imagine what an amazing piece of coding that zbrush remesher must be.

That is really impressive results.

Blenders remesh has a diifferent purpose (at least I believe it does). The equivalent tool in zbrush for blender’s remesh modifier would be dynamesh. Both Dynamesh and Remesh modifer give you quads that are roughly the same size so you get a better base for sculpting on without polys getting stretched all over the place (well in theory, if the multires worked better).

This zRemesher appears to have a different purpose. It tries to give you good topology that flows around the model (which it appears to do very well). Importantly it will use smaller poly’s in more detailed areas. So different tools for different jobs really.

Eitherway it is very impressive and looks to do a fantastic job, especially when combined with curve guides. Zbrush really did a brilliant job here.

zbrush is very good

and blender is a sad story, very sad :frowning:

Yes and no, abc123

I’ve been wondering when zBrush was going to get retopology right. Their efforts to date have been really poor, IMHO. 3dCoat has been kicking their asses for some time now…

But it looks like they were waiting until they could really do it right… this is impressive if it works this well in the real world… wow! Hats off to Pixolooc. This was the one of the two glaring holes in their offering, and they just fixed it…

abc123’s posts could be written by a bot, they are so predictable… same old tired act.

the previous auto-retopo tool in zb was q-remesher. It was similar or a little better than the 3dcoat one. The problem was obvious when trying to select a loop. In most cases these loops were leading to eternity and beyond LOL.
Now, you can’t find a loop going this way. I mean, it’s an amazing tool, provides clean results. I doubt I can do better manually. OK, I can. LOL, but loosing this wonderful evenly distributed construction of faces. I tried to edit it a bit, manually (blender). It’s easy. In all previous 3dc or zb autopo tools it was a waste of time.

I know what you mean about abc123’s posts but there’re always new comers in BA forum.

I just tried it out on a mesh, as someone who hates doing retopo this is fantastic!