ZBrush Beginner's Course: Sculpting Crile the Slaver Crocodile

Hey Everyone!

It has certainly been a while but my latest course, “ZBrush Beginner’s Course: Sculpting Crile the Crocodile”, is now live! This a complete beginners guide to starting ZBrush from the ground up. So if you or anyone you know is eager to start from the fundamentals and work your way up, look no further!

In this course we will go through:

- Getting Started in ZBrush

- Learning how navigate and customise the ZBrush UI

- Translating a 2d concept into a 3d model

- Learn how to colour and texture in ZBrush

- Learn how to present and render your work with blender

- Learn simple composition techniques to deliberately draw attention

Don’t forget to checkout my free beginners series (made to accompany this course) on YouTube as well (Thivolan 3D)!

I’ll see you in Zbrush and Happy Sculpting,