Zbrush+blender = nice! (160,000 poly head :O)

here is some renders (in blender) of my first attempts at zbrush. the basic models (and i mean baic just a cube that had extruded parts for the neck) were created in blender, less than 500 polys per item (sub-d) detailed in zbrush and then imported back into blender, i added material then done some renders, crits and comments needed!..does blender support microdisplacment? (im a noob at zbrush nd im not quite sure what that is but i heard it can add super details to models).


My god, that is one bad ass speed modeller.
I only remember Zbrush from years ago when it was still a silly blobby 2D painter, but this!
When you draw from reference it’s still good to use Blender because I think Zbrush is not good at that.
Later on when you need to add detail to the mesh you can use Zbrush,
by painting on the mesh you can add rinkles and surfaces and well, everything.
I wonder what the mesh will look like back in Blender though,
but I’d buy it if I had the bucks.

here some wire shots of the head in blender. dont know if yous will be able to make it out but any way here they are :slight_smile:

(160,000 verts for the head alone :frowning: )