Zbrush GoZ to Blender 2.5

I’m a software developer in the UK and I need some help from the community.

Now Blender is in official release, I want to coordinate the implementation of ZBrush’s GoZ feature into Blender 2.5.

See here for details of this:

Pixologic have the SDK available on request. And I am going to put my bid in now.

I just need to know if someone else is already working on this and if they are how they are getting on.

If no one is for 2.5 then will someone aid me in getting this working?

I have seen someone trying to implement this into 2.49, see here:

Google translated:

The great thing is about this, is that it does not need to change the source code of Blender itself as this is plugin/script based.

With python and Blenders command line abilities, I’m hoping this should be a smooth job.

I have put in a request for the SDK now from Pixologic, so fingers crossed.

Thank you in advance,

I’ve just watched the tutorials shown further down the page you linked.

Concerning the “GoZ In Action” video, can’t we already do both parts in Blender?

Concerning the “Setup for Photoshop” video, my workflow using GIMP is virtually the same if not simpler (using Save As, then refresh in Blender, rather than finding some obscure submenu in Photoshop), bar the new 3D feature in the latest Photoshop. But due to Blenders paint features we don’t even need that…

So in my opinion everyone else should get a GoBlender button!

Goz is not just about textures.

It’s a way of selecting a model that is being created in ZBrush, press one button, the model loads in our chosen application. Edit the model as required, and press the button GoZ in the app, and it’s auto imported back into your project.

It saves a ton of menu navigating, exporting/importing

The Photoshop side of things is a new implementation, that is really only for editing the models texture. The link I sent is just the latest update on the whole Goz functionality.


Here is some more information on what this is all about:

Hello dusty ghost,
Im working (not officially) on it for Blender 2.57, and I think I was release it the next tweek.

Did you have the SDK?

No its pure “bidouille”. I am the author of GoB for 2.49 and I found a way to adapt this script for Blender 2.57, so it is only Python scripting (An add-on and a script) and this use the 3D studio Max entry in GoZ.

Ah!! Hello there! Glad to meet you! You’ve obviously done a wonderful job on the 2.49 version.

I’m VERY pleased to hear you’re working on 2.57!!

How long do you think it will be before we see a first version of that? do you have a forum thread for me to follow, other than the French ZB one?

Also, I’ve requested the official SDK. Have you done the same? It would be good to work on getting an official Blender port for Go Z.

Do you need any help from me?

The first version comes in few days, depending of free time during this long week-end :slight_smile:
Then I will publish it in english in few forums (like zbrushcentral and blenderartists).
For the official SDK, I requested for it when it was released, and Pixologic said it was not really launched… No news since.
I know too than Pixologic is interested to create a GoZ for Blender, but they are waiting for a stable version (and 25.7 is a stable version :D)

Any help would be appreciated when I release the Python script. Because there was some lock likes for the 2.49 script.

Thanks dusty ghost and Stun for actively looking at a GoZ option for blender. I think using the actual SDK would be a preferable approach rather than some “hacked” version (no offence Stun).


I’ve pointed out to the GoZ team at Pixologic that Blender 2.5 is now out of BETA. So with luck, they will give us a break. :slight_smile:

No, not heard anything yet.

I assume they will be researching 2.5 to be sure it’s now stable.

As ever, they do take a while to respond to these things.

Let you know ASAP

I’ve not heard a thing from them yet. I am now going on holiday for a week so hopefully when I get back I will have an email waiting for me.

I hope too :slight_smile:
Have a good holiday.

well back, and I have a sadly empty inbox. :frowning:

Same for me: nothing :frowning:
So I have added some features to my script (GoB).
It needs some tests more test and I release it soon, but I have found maybe a bug:
there is no way to add texture to a face in sold shaded view mode, just works only with GLSL (wit materials).

have you raised this as a question in the Technical Support forum topic?

I got a contact who has a very good relationship with Pixologic. He is chasing this up for me now.

I wish you guys success with this, as a user of both apps it would be a great thing to have. Is it possible to go ahead without official approval from Pixologic? they are notoriously eccentric when it comes to feature releases etc.

There is a question mark over the legal standing confusion on open source vs licensed software integration.

Ultimately I don’t want to do anything illegal, or without Pixologics and the Blender Foundations permission.

If they give us the SDK, then that’s the green light we need.

Checking my emails now, hopefully there is a response. Let you know.


Nothing from them today. :frowning:

It’s the weekend now, so maybe next week… who knows. :wink:

pixologic is very strange.

this could take months before they answer.