ZBrush "Lazy mouse" and alphas - what is the analogy in Sculpt mode ?

I am wondering if Sculpt Mode has something similar to ZBrush’s “lazy mouse” tool, where you can sculpt long, even strokes? (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NK7ZMcpVZA8)
Also I am not sure if it’s possible to sculpt details in Blender as it’s done in ZBrush with alphas? (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlhGDqwp7II, also look at previous video where chains are being drawn)
Thank you.

Lazy Mouse:

SCULPT MODE —> Sculpt Menu —> Input Settings —> Smooth Stroke

Thanks. What about alphas for detailing ?

You attach a texture to the brush. The Essential Blender has a good tutorial on doing this.

Is there a simple way to attach a texture to the brush?

What I do is create a dummy object, add a material, and then load the textures into that material.

Is this the only way or have I been making thing unnecessarily complicated?

You are right - you can only add a brush once you add a material to add the texture to - I tried the ideal way and couldn’t. I had opened the image editor and added a texture brush, but the texture was a dummy blank ‘tex.002’ where tex.001 was my original brush under the dummy material.

Good alpha textures for sculpting brushes are freely available at http://gnomonology.com/


You are right - you can only add a brush once you add a material to add the texture to
Not quite. When in sculpt mode, go to the texture buttons and in the preview panel select the brush option. This way you don’t really need to add a material to your mesh to be able to use textures.

If you are serious about sculpting, it’s best that you set your default blender scene to have many procedural or image textures already loaded and ready to be used right away.

Checked - thank you for that!! I hadn’t noticed this - I wish it was the same with the paint tools in texture paint and the uv image editor, but oh well.

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How about Zbrush stencils. Is there any way to use similar methods in Blender?

yeah, I would love to know too about analogy for ZBrush stencils. Please.

How do the zbrush stencils work? I didn’t find any particular info at their website.

seeing as sculpting tips are been changed here and there has anyone found some settings that allow you to mimick zbrush’s clay brush. I know there was a way of getting a clay brush in zbrush before it was added in as a preset brush by modifying the draw brush.

Watch this free video about stencils from DT: