Zbrush or 3dCoat (70% Hard Surface 30% organic)

First off i know this has been asked severy times now already , but after googlling for days all the posts are nearly 2 years old and things have changed.

I use Blender as my main modeling tool and will propably never switch to maya or max as long as i dont have to for modeling.
But i wanted a good sculpting app for a good time now that goes well with Blender , cause i dont dont like Blender sculpting that much.

Iam especially interested in hard surface design like mechanical robots, although i would also do some organic stuff. My Main focus is developing for video games, so i would do retopo in blender , and more or less just do the high poly in zbrush or 3d coat because its easier to mess aropund and come up with ideas during sculpting process then sliding edges in Blender. i would use the high Poly from Zbrush to then bake the maps in Substance Painter.

I was pretty sure to buy Zbrush already cause i really liked it after the trial period, yes the ui is messy but i diddnt find it to hard to get into and
was already on the edge of buying it .But when i saw 3d coat and people saying it does pretty much the same job and is cheaper i questioned myself.
I also heard people say 3dCoat is better for hardsurface design but those posts are from 2 years ago from people that seemed like they used both softwares not more then 10 hours.

But it seems like 3d Coat is catching up with Zbrush.
So what do you guys think especially considering the latest big updates of both Zbrush and 3dCoat. Thanks in advance.

Ps: iam not that interested in 3d Coats Painting abilties since i already own Substance Painter.

Why not checking the 3DCoat Forums? Why wouldn’t you experience it for yourself?
In the time that took you to write this, your first impression would have been made & your insecurities resolved.
But if you need another approval…

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have fun

If you’ve already tried the demo of ZBrush, try thedemo of 3D Coat and decide on real world use which one best meets your own particular needs best

Converting hardsurface sculpts to usable models with clean sharp edges require good retopology tools. I believe 3D Coat is better in that regards. If you are only doing organic sculpting, I would say Zbrush is better. If you want to do PBR textures painted directly on UV maps, 3D Coat is a no brainer. If you want good UV unwrapping, 3D Coat has that too with a great UV packer. Basically, you can build 3D models and take it to completion without having to jump to another program in 3D Coat.

3D Coat also has a plugin for Blender.

Thanks for all the awnsers so far .
I tried 3dCoat already too and like it very much too(makes the decision even more difficult…). But i find it difficult on deciding on a software during the trial peroid.
Both are very complex softwares and i think i dont get a good enough grasp of what would be better for my needs.
Iam also kind of leaning towards Zbrush because of the big Learning Resources Zbrush has.