Zbrush ripoff

(youngbatcat) #1

nope I don’t know of any, but is anyone going to try and
copy those features when blen is open

heres a site http://www.pixolator.com/zbc-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=forum&f=1

(Riskbreaker) #2

is anyone going to try and
copy those features when blen is open

Geez, for the love of custard pie, i sure hope so. I could definitely use a texture system that zbrush uses (TextureMaster).

(Detritus) #3

WOW! I really do hope so!

(Green) #4

Exactly what features?

And why hope? Why not do instead?

If you dont know how to program, learn.
Hoping or requesting will get you nowhere.

(Rob) #5

Really Elsiun is to blame for not putting a patent on the colour orange.


(Hexa-dB) #6

I tried the demo of this yesterday and was very impressed. I like it’s method of modelling, it’s well worth downloading the head modelling session script and watching it :slight_smile:

(Cessen) #7

I read through the feature descriptions, and it certainly seems nifty. I recall having thought of a similar idea for a program back in the C-Key days. My idea was of a 3d paint program. Not in the sense of painting on 3d models, but in the sense of actually having a 3d-voxel grid to paint on instead of a 2d-pixel grid.

Anyway, I think that dispite zbrush’s features being useful, many of them would not fit into Blender’s workflow. Of course, that’s just my opinion. :slight_smile:

And that is not to say that none of them would fit (for instance, a better system for painting directly onto to models is certainly in order for Blender), but I do think that when planning features for Blender, we should forget about how they work in other programs, and figure out the best way for them to work in Blender.

Of course, we can still get inspiration from other programs features. :slight_smile:

(Detritus) #8

The features: Great bump-mapping.

Why hope? Well, it´s darn hard to lern to program, I think! I´ve tried it, it sucks if you ask me. But of course it´s probably very useful to know how, so yes I´ll probably learn anyway…

Hoping might get you nowhere, but requesting has done that befor in history.