ZBrush Sculpt Brushes - Startup Problem

Hi 2 everyone,

Im trying to use this…

…according to its “manual” I want to make these brushes load each time I start Blender so I moved all the files needed into the “config” folder mentioned on that picture here…


…start Blender, append all the brushes starting with “A|” from the “Brushes” folder and save the startup file using CTRL+U shortcut. Afterwards I switch to the Sculpt mode and all the brushes were present so until this everything was fine.

Problem is that when closing and re-opening the Blender the brushes are gone despite I saved the startup file, so I have to re-append them and thats not how it should work so … any tips?

Sincerely, Jan

PS: Im using Blender 2.79a (Win7 x64)

Really NOBODY knows how to append these files and save startup to keep them “forever”?

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Don’t know if you’re still trying to figure this out, but I struggled with the same issue until finally getting things to work. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open up a new Blender window and start by Saving a .blend file right off the bat (doesn’t matter where):
File > Save > my-new-startup.blend
  1. Now instead of Appending the brushes Link them:
File > Link > [navigate to your brushes and select them for linking]
  1. Now go into Sculpt Mode and select one of your new brushes. You’ll see this button:

Note that the preview thumbnails for these brushes may not appear. Don’t worry about that for now.

  1. Click it. Do the same for each of your new brushes (it’s a pain, I know).
  2. Almost done. Now we make all paths to external data absolute:
File > External Data > Make all paths absolute
  1. Save your .blend file again
File > Save
  1. Finally, you can save the Startup File:
File > Save Startup File

All done! You should now be able to close Blender and your new brushes will be present each time you open a new session. The preview thumbnails for each brush should also appear upon re-opening Blender.

At first it may appear that there are duplicate brushes when you’re selecting a brush in sculpt mode. This is not the case; Blender just has a terrible brush selection UI.

As a side note, you can delete the “my-new-startup.blend” we created during step 1.

Also, it’s worth noting that with this method you can save the source files for your custom brushes anywhere you like; you don’t necessarily have to save them in “C:\Users[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.79\config”. If you, for example, have a folder where you keep all of your custom Blender assets you can stick them here.

Either way, another benefit to this method is if you upgrade to a new version of Blender and migrate your startup file, your brushes should still be present. This is due to us making all paths to external data absolute. I have tested this by upgrading from 2.79 to 2.8 and haven’t noticed any issues thus far.

Honestly this whole process is way more difficult than it needs to be, and I suspect it may have something to do with v2.79. Either way I hope this helps you and whoever stumbles across this post during their travels. Good luck and happy sculpting.

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GREAT! THX for the reply - test it ASAP and let U know Bro!

I’m late to the brush party, but it worked like a charm. Thank you!