ZBrush Summit 2014

ZBrush 4R7 Announced + 64bit + KeyShot Bridge + new modeling tools (great for hard surface), beveling, extrude etc + paint polygroups…
It seems like a huge release… oh and the 4R7 seems to be the last 32bit version…


This new modeling tools are awesome. Especially how it deals with deleting geometry by sliding extrusion. I want to see that in blender and other programs.

Full on hard surface modeling inside of Zbrush, its amazing isnt it. During the video they kept calling out fellow classmates of mine (from the past), haha the guy doing the speaking was Paul, he taught a group of us down here in LA how to use Zbrush. Funny fellow.

So apparently after R7, it will jump to zbrush 5.0, which makes me believe they have something major planned for that once the 64bit is up and running.

really amazing the new poly modeling tools wow…:smiley:

well… I think I have to learn more about Keyshot now to decide if the price is justified for that area.

the modelling in Zbrush is a nice addition, + 64bit are great.
hopefully the next release after the last 4x version has the same upgrade- or less upgrade costs.
Zbrush in itself was so far the best purchase I did a few years back.

Gotta say I giggled a bit when they were showcasing the basic modeling tools in the beginning and the crowd just goes wild. Felt like being at a CG conference back in 1990 hahah.

That said the modeling tools is a very nice addition to Zbrush though. However what I’m most stoked about is the 64-bit support finally. Now they just need to port it to Linux and I’m sold :smiley:



They are about to show more of the new features at this link soon(less than half an hour):

Edit: Nanomesh(system for placing objects on/around parts of a mesh with insets) announced, and Zbrush 4r7 will be a free update.

Video of todays 2nd demo of ZBrush 4R7

Awesome, thanks for the videos :slight_smile:
Did anyone maybe record Rafael’s ZBrush session from yesterday?

Utterly amazing. Zbrush just gets better and better with each new release.

Video of todays 3rd demo of ZBrush 4R7

@Richard Marklew: Thanks for the videos. :slight_smile:

Great its finally going 64-bit, but still waiting for that Linux version. :slight_smile:

Absolutely loved the reaction when he simply drew circular holes into the mesh without ruining the topology.

It all looks great. As a guy that aims for perfection when modelling but still struggles a little with topology, this could make my life a little easier.

those new poly modeling tools will compensate the need to jump to another 3d app

I’m so excited for the new version of Zbrush. Can’t wait to use those polygon tools, gonna be using Blender less but this update is going to be such a huge time saver.

More HD vids popping up: