ZBrush Summit 2016 anyone?


Cannot wait for them to show off ZBrush core :slight_smile:

We are almost there… :slight_smile:

ZbrushCore’s webpage is now live

Anyone who thinks it would be a low-cost version of Zbrush to use with Blender will be disappointed, it’s basically Zbrush stripped down to the bare essentials for hobbyists and 3D-printer users.

Among the limitations, no advanced features (like Zmodeler, automatic retopo, and projection painting), no custom brushes, no texture mapping support (along with export), basic poly-painting only, vastly limited export options, 20 million polygon limit, ect…

It’s much cheaper than the real package at least, but the full package is still pretty much required for use with other software.

I almost never use ZBrush anymore… Dynatopo > Retopo > Substance Painter is much more cheaper and efficient. You can still get the same amount of details. SB Painter 2.0 supports UDIM workflow and has clone ability…

yep, but even now th license its really expensive for what it is, ¿no creasing? that was a very important feature since zbrush 2.5 if i remember right, 150 dolars for a striped version as core. . it sounds like tooo expensive

It is perfectly fine as an app to work within a pipeline.

The 20mil restriction is probably the worst of it. But I think that is per mesh not per project. So theoretically subtools have that limit? Something I’d like to have clarified.

It has all other basic features you’d need though. At least the ones I use most of the time. I’d be willing to pay a little more though for a higher limit on polys and maybe layers turned on. Maybe more brushes.

Other than that, yeah a great little app.

If this just works as a light and fast turbo charged Sculptris, then it could still be possibly be very, very useful in a pipeline. Even without the texture painting. But I guess wait and see for now.