Zbrush to Blender 2.65 cycles workflow for a noob

What are the best settings in Zbrush for exporting normal, displacement/bump maps, and texture maps and importing them into Blender? And how do I use the node system to have bump/displacement in my model? I have followed countless tutorials and looked at different node setups, but my imported models in blender don’t look anything like my sculptures in Zbrush. Any guidance anyone could give me on the subject matter of zbrush to blender 2.65 workflow would be great. Thanks people and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Model base in Blender.

UV Unwrap in Blender.

Export as OBJ.

Import into ZBrush.

Flip ‘V’ UV value in UV panel.



Create new maps via displacement/normal/texture panels.

Clone textures.

In texture panel on the left, export selected textures.

Open textures in Blender, everything should work just fine.

To use bumps in Cycles, you need to use the bump/normal map nodes. It helps to plug into the ‘Normal’ value of individual shaders, as the ‘Displacement’ socket on the shader output is not entirely functional at the moment.

To use displacement, you need to add a subsurface modifier to your model, and below that a displace modifier with your displacement texture loaded in and settings changed to UV. You will then have to tweak the levels until they look right. Somewhere around .1 normally works for me for maps exported from ZB.