Zbrush to Blender - Displacement map seams, artifacts and glitches

Hey guys, so I followed this FlippedNormals tutorial to bake a displacement map out of my high detail sculpt and open it in Blender using a displacement modifier instead of nodes. It works, however, I have weird seams, artifacts, and overall undesirable results in multiple places. Some examples (Blender left, Zbrush right):

I’m using a single 8k tile for this. I previously had it at 2k, but that caused even more artifacts that seem to have gone now. I will most likely be switching to multiple UDIMs in the future
I haven’t had luck in other communities so I hope I can get some answers here. What can I do to solve these? I’d really like to know before proceeding to rig/texture in case something needs reworking. Thanks in advance!
The model so far: