Zbrush to Blender for realistic render

Hello, quite a rhyming title :slight_smile:
For my BA on studies I decided to create realistic render of human face (head, portrait size) in Blender. I will use cycles and render it on quite powerfull computer.

But I have some questions about workflow which I should use.
I want to create head model in ZBrush, because I have some experience with this software. But I have never tried to create any advanced render in Blender. Just some stuff on classes, thats all.

Few things I would like to know how to approach the workflow:

  1. What quality should my model have? Do I have use noise in Zbrush to create skin pores (facture of skin)? Or should I create node in Blender to generate it?
  2. What about UV map. Should I create model in Zbrush, create wireframe, create good UV Map, project detail on new wireframe in Zbrush and then export it to Blender?
  3. I will create final render on quite powerfull machine, but I cannot use it to sculpt or create my entire file etc. So I wonder what to do with high polycount, how blender will handle it. Because Zbrush can work on high polycount without problems, but what about blender?
    Also blender has dynamic topology, but I cannot export export resolution levels from zbrush to blender, that I could hide high resolution when I don’t need to see it
  4. Should I bake my high resolution model (with wrinckles, skin pores etc) to normal map and use it in blender instead of importing multi-milion poly model? Well that’s game works, but what about renders?
  5. If I would like to rig my head after all, but my wireframe would be imported from Zbrush (dense poly grid) what to do?

How you would do that if you were me?
What workflow would you choose?
Any guides how/where to start?

I hope you will understand my questions. My english is not as good as I would like it to be :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance for your replies! :slight_smile: