Zbrush to Blender perspective problem

First of all I’ve searched something related but I’ didn’t find anything here, If there is already a similar topic please let me know.

Lately I’m working with zbrush for sculpting part only of my models, I’ve never had any problem with it but with the last model I have encountered a strange problem of perspective when I import the mesh in blender, strangely never happened to me before.

I’ve just started modeling a female head and when I work on it in Zbrush seems pretty ok, even If I must still work on it, but when I exported it in Blender the proportion looks different, even if I adjust the camera settings.

In zbrush I’ve setted the perspective following some tips online with the angle of view at 90 (someone else say to set it between 70/80 and I’ve already tried it) and enabling “align to object”.
In blender instead I’ve setted the viewport lens to 55mm and the camera lens to 75mm for testing.

Searching online I’ve founded that this is a common problem with the Zbrush perspective but I haven’t find anything related to Blender specifically, enyone of you have the same problem? Any suggestion or tips for portrait workflow between zbrush and blender?
Thanks in advance for anyone how will read/respond.

Maybe you have isometric projection or distance auto adjustment enabled in zbrush? You can match isometric in Blender, but not the perspective adjustment.

Hi kesonmis, no I haven’t neither of both enabled in zbrush…