ZBrush to Blender retopology workflow

What are some workflow possibilities for retopologizing a zbrush sculpt for rigging and animation in Blender?

I was thinking I could either:

  1. export the highest resolution model out from zbrush into blender and use retopoflow to create a low poly model. I could then apply a multi-res modifier and then add a shrink wrap modifier to project the high poly details onto the base mesh.

    • The issue with this approach is that retopoflow can’t work with any model with > 1 million polygons so the model I’m working with has to be relatively “low-res”
  2. export the zbrush model with < 1 million polygons, use retopoflow in blender to create a low poly mesh. Re-import the low poly mesh into zbrush and create a displacement UV map. Jump back into blender, add a subdivision modifier to the base mesh and apply a displacement modifier with the generated UV map

    • The issue with this approach is that I have to import/export into blender/zbrush multiple times and this seems unwieldy

Are there any more streamlined approaches that people know of?

Sorry for resuming an old post, but what was the best choice at the end of the day?