Zbrush to Blender UV issues

Hello, I’ve sculpted this Trike in Zbrush, unwrapped the UVs and textured it in Substance. I then posed the same model in an alternate pose and tweaked the same textures in Substance to create an alt version of the creature. I’m trying to render them in the same scene, but when I texture one of the models, everything lines up and looks great, but as soon as I apply the alt textures to the alt pose, the materials are misaligned. I’ve gone through and recreated the UVs, and reexported the texture sets, but the same thing keeps on happening. Does anyone know how I can fix this or what could be causing it?

And there is no possibility that the UV’s are changed in this workflow ??? Well indeed this is strange…shifted in front direction…okay dont know you UV layout . And the UV’s don’t differ?? Try UV → export UV Layout on both and the toggle between the images… (and there are no other values in the mapping node than 0 for location and rotation and 1.0 for scale?)

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You need to flip the UVs, Zbrush exports the mesh with flipped Uvs by default. You can also flip the exported images. You might also have multipe UVs there, if so Blender will use the default UV according to your screenshot. Use the UV map node and pick the right one.

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I’ll give that a try, I also double checked the UVs and they are slightly different. Things must have shifted a little in the second UV export.

Where would I insert the UV map node, between Text Coordinates and mapping?

Replace the texture node (one before the mapping) with the UV node.