ZBrush to Blender Workflow

Hello, I’m trying to make a workflow where I do the sculpting and posing of characters in ZBrush and then export them to blender and do everything else there. I already use the GOB add-on so I can easily change between the two softwares.

My problem is that the workflow doesn’t work completely. The first problem is that I lose the high poly details when I send the mesh to Blender. Does anyone know how to avoid it? The only thing that works is applying all subdivion levels and only use the highest subd level which makes it very high density.

I want to do the retopology and unwrapping in Blender, but I prefer to do the posing still in ZBrush. If I pose the character before transfering it I can’t use symmetry , but if I do the retopology in Blender and the reimport it to ZBrush I will lose certain parts of the model why it doesn’t work to go back to ZBrush once I started making changes in Blender.

Does anyone has an answer to this or should I just go full Blender once I transferred it for the first time?