zbrush to blender

I wanted to create a character from zbrush and bring it into Blender.
I Wanted to show u all some progress that im doing.

Its a woman character that im planing on having on a project later,
I use a mouse while sculpting , since i dont have a tablet for that.

Hope u guys like it and want to follow on the progress.

Here is the sculpt video


So here is a little test render, i have now retopoed the face , and wanted to try out a little face and hair test.

updated the model and the hair abit, im going for a cute girl thats been well undamaged by the world …

here is another update ,

Nice work! Its obvious that you’re learning things like anatomy and materials, ect. Her face is very nice, hair in blender is a pain to learn! The most important thing is being able to finish what you start.