Zbrush Trial

I didn’t see this.

Zbrush now has a 45 day trial that you can sign up for.


Enjoy :slight_smile:

P.S. If they’ve always had this, then I feel stupid for not getting it earlier :wink:

i do not own a mac nor own a copy of a MICROSOFT operating system
and never intend to on the later .

That makes you the AWESOMEST person on the planet! /s

I’ve heard that Zbrush runs on wine, maybe you should try that.

I’ll look forward to seeing your reviews about Zbrush. :slight_smile:

That’s cool, they did indeed not have any demo/trial versions up to this point.

ZBrush & Blender are a great combo.

I thought Blender was a challenge to learn (still learning!)…ZBrush is still much more difficult for me.
BUT worth the effort!

The trial period is too short to evaluate ZBrush. Just get it.
So far upgrades are still free. :smiley:

Check out this incredible artwork.

And this epic thread.

(Sorry guys, duplicate due to “wait for approval” message not showing the first time, so I didn’t realize. Sort of hoped the mods wouldn’t approve both.)

Thanks for the head’s up!

One thing that I’m concerned about, that I’d welcome any thoughts on, is that ZBrush 5 might be right around the corner. I know updates have been free so far, but it seems like we’re nearing the end of the 4R# series from what little I’ve read. Anyone know any details? Perhaps best to wait for the next ZBrush conference (September, I think)?

You need to buy a new license of Zbrush for every milestone. If you bought Zbrush 4 then you get the 4x - releases for free (R1 - 7). When Zbrush 5 is released you will have to buy a new license for that, then you will most likely get all the Zbrush5 releases for free.

Zbrush 4R7 is the last release in the Zbrush 4-series before they jump over to Zbrush 5.

It might well be, that the update to ZBrush5 has to be paid - no one knows so far. But:
I bought ZBrush 1.5 (it was short before they really added 3D, the first iteration was a mixture of 2D and 3D) and since then ALL updates have been free. So far Pixologic has not charged a single cent for updates!

At some point they probably will have to change this. When the market is saturated they need a source of income.

Well, its about time! I can’t imagine anyone who would willingly hand over £500 without testing it on their computer first.

Wrong. If you bought the very first version of ZBrush ALL subsequent releases up to the present 4R7 have been compeletely free. The only time you’ve had to pay anything additional is if you want additional cross platform license
Until Pixologic say one way or another if v5 will be paid or free upgrade, no-one actually knows.

Well, its about time! I can’t imagine anyone who would willingly hand over £500 without testing it on their computer first.
Well a lot of people must have since it’s been a while since they previously had a trial available.

They’ve had a trial version for a while now, maybe it wasn’t very clear in their website. The first trial version I had was 3, I think…

Aye. But assuming we are talking about honest customers and not downloading a crack to try I’d say they must be either wealthy where £500 is £5 in their eyes, far too trusting of the brand name or just too quick to throw caution to the wind. At a stretch they could be a freelancer where a requirement of their job is to use ZBrush and have simply no choice, if the software is not provided.

Still, at least that option is there now.

Ah yes I stand corrected. I bought Zbrush 4R5 so I thought it was just the episodic releases that were free.

They mentioned it in the last Zbrush summit that the next release will be a paid one though, at least that’s how I interpreted it.

How gimped is the demo, can you save/export?