Zbrush version of dynotypo in blender

I love blender sculpting tools,
I love blender general and consistent UI.
I hate blenders version of dynamesh
I love zbrush’s version of dynamesh
I hate zbrush’s UI and Mouse controls

Why Zbrushes dynamesh its because it respects the idea of keeping quads…
what can we do about this?

They’re 2 very different approaches, while Dyntopo gives you true dynamic topology (like Sculptris), Zbrush’s Dynamesh is just a very polished version of a remesher. That’s why it keeps quads…

Dyntopo is not the Blender’s version of Dynamesh, is more like a different application of the Sculptris code.

If you want the Dynamesh behavior in Blender you could use the remesher modifier combined with the Decimate modifier. Is the closest thing you can get inside Blender, but keep in mind is not as good as the dynamesh remesh operation.

Yep !
Moreover with Zbrush’s dynamesh you will loose fine details if you use this tool again and over again.

My workflow is to begin the sculpting with blender with dynamesh and unleash your creativity until medium level of detail.

Then I continue in Z brush in order to add fine details and generate normals and displace maps.

Dynamesh doesn’t keep quads at all, there are tris all over the place. Are you perhaps thinking of ZRemesher?

I been thinking about an add-on like this. Basically triplanar mapping and then projecting a world space grid on the UV islands. What I have not quite figured out how to properly merge the resulting meshes.

I hate blenders version of dynamesh

My opinion is that
Ok i use ZBrush and also Blender, i try it and even I like very much.
BUT, think about this HOW soft can say that have dynamesh ?
Blender is a modeler or better : " A versatile suit for 3D cinema productions", not a Digital Sculpture specialized soft.
So you say that you hate dynamesh in Blender, ok but impossible to have a dyna like ZBrush :slight_smile:
it is surprising that there is already and that works fine!!,:stuck_out_tongue: and allows users those who have not paid the ZB license, to still have an advanced sculpture system and FOR free;) is important.

I love zbrush’s version of dynamesh

Yes AMAZING tool! But is possible because ZBrush have a a different way of managing the polygons, has to do with the “pixol” but I honestly do not know specifically the thing.
Well my prefer tool, (and i think the REAL power and versatility),is the ZSPHERE; great great tool to pose, and animate, and rigging, and sculpting:spin:

I hate zbrush’s UI and Mouse controls

Zbrush is made to work with Graphic TABLET, impossible work fine without it.
Is sample for real! Because the ZBrush is professional tool, and ALL the professional sculptor work with a Intuos or Cintiq or others, impossible without.
So say “hate” for a general mouse control, in no sense because with mouse, you use the soft " improperly". :slight_smile:
Work on ZB with table is another planet, you find it online at good price (no need a prof table for work!)

For interface, yes all the people say this at the beginning.
ZB have a “difference” interface, but it is totally re-configurable, so you can put all the Task in any place!!
Don’t work with original interface, ZB is made to CUSTOM interface, to your desire. :wink:

At the beginning you are in bad feeling ya!, but just use a few months to see who is the fastest interface ever made in 3D.
Is the fastest UI if you use table.

Just to note, Zbrush has always been built from the ground up for maximum performance and power in the sculpting area, Blender is a general 3D app. with limited resources in comparison.

However, Blender’s sculpting is already pretty good for a general purpose application (considering how there’s virtually no chance it can catch a specialized app. without paying developers to work only on sculpt features), and the graphics side is now being taken care of with the recent modernization/optimization work.

I would say with the sculpting part at least, performance may increase a bit yet with the ongoing OpenGL work.

a list of interesting responses, i whish zbrush could improve its mouse driven controls or allow for customizable mouse configurations

i use blender alot for sculpting anf have managed really good sculpts using dynamesh…

i need to check this out