Zbrush Zremesher help for better topology into Blender?

Hi guys, i’m trying to retopologize my sculpt to be imported to Blender. they say Zremesher is the best option to retopo the mesh, so i started learning zbrush and retopo it from there using Zremesh.

How do i produce better Retopo results in my sculpt. i don’t know how to use the remesher, i followed some tutorials in youtube like Polyrouping some parts, Polypainting where details are needed and using the Zremesher guide.

But i still can’t get zremesher to follow my guide and get some weird topologies like the following:

  1. middle of the nose, weird connections
  2. and the topo of the eyes are spiral instead of circles
  3. Ngons & Tris

How do i fix them? is there a way to like vertex edit them, or some Better Settings on the Zremesher?