ZbrushR2b is released


front what i read it will include a plugins for Quad remeshing automatic and whit guides http://www.pixologic.com/QRemesher/


It’s a great release.
The instances/fibers are excellent and can be exported in blender. They have already UVs applied. A good friend of cycles LOL.
Some minor bug fixes and improvements are much more interesting. Cavity and AO maps baking/exporting, of great quality! Another assist to cycles.
This zb4r2b seems to be friendlier to cycles than blender itself LOL. (joking but not really)
About Qremesher, we don’t know much yet but one for sure, it won’t be a free addon. Richard already noticed it.
Looking on this capture (http://www.verold.com/) noticed two things. Only quads and these guides are forcing vertices. Not as 3dcoat’s autopo, where guides are a guess or something and never result to loops. 3dc also has a bad habit to produce 30-40 ngons. Takes lot of time to fix them and in general it isn’t a good solution for rigging at all. I discovered blender retopo (lol) and I prefer it. But this Qmesher may be interesting. We’ll see soon.

And a fast 10 mins test on zbrush fibers, a terrain with displacements and cavity masks, a preview zb render in seconds.


i dont want to be the jackass who says ‘’ we need this feature’’. but for the love of god the automatic remesh looks inane good. with guides. without guides its pointless

What are you referring to exactly? Blender doesn’t really have any remeshing-oriented tools, does it?

Blender retopo does have simple, yet effective tools. Plus the shrinkwrap mod. Plus to extrude as you like, plus to hide what you don’t need, plus to turn off/on snapping as you like. Plus it doesn’t ask all your wallet for these LOL.
I’m referring to a manual retopo method.
An auto retopo method is a matter of discussion, new zbrush may add something interesting on this. We have to wait and see.

probably mean bsurfaces 1.5 addon.