Zbrush's MRGBZGrabber tool, reconstruction for Blender

I was thinking about making something (addon, op) that produces BW Depth maps or full color maps from border selection into packed/file maps. Its supposed to be one click solution or near that. If anyone has any suggestions I would be glad to hear them.

High level operation graph:

Create tmp ortho/persp (based on current mode) cam and align to view->Render from this camera only depth pass->Pack the image->Create new brush texture from it


  • Fit to range (for maximizing contrast)
  • Pack (Off/On)
  • Name
  • color/depth
  • Create new brush with texture auto assigned?
  • other…?

I guess first step would be to see if everything needed is exposed via Py API. I’ll get back with results.

I made some progress and it mostly works. I need to do some error checking, and add options. But it works fine for fast texture map creation.