zbuffer save - how?

How can I save the z buffer? I know, there is a “iris+zbuffer” file option, but how I can look the z buffer in this file format?

I would suppose it would be the same way you save any other image- F3 or file/save image

Well, assuming you’ve got some application that can either view or extract the z-buffer out of an irix pic, you’d simply use that. For all I know, you cannot do this in Photoshop, and if you can’t do it there… well… I suggest a google search to see if you can find some converter or extractor app of some sort. Just be aware that the zbuffer in these sorts of pics is not linear, so it might not be as useful as you might expect.

I have search with Google, but I find only non-windows programs… I find a Viewer (XNView) that can load IRIX pictures, but it CAN’T load IRIX+ZBUFFER pictures… :frowning:
I think, the IRIX saver is bad in Blender. :frowning:

I wouldn’t say there’s anything wrong with the iris saver per se. The problem is just what to do with it once it’s saved. If it’s really important to you, you could try to render with something else. My favourite external renderer, VirtuaLight, is capable of producing all sorts of z-buffers, from 8-bit to totally insane 64-bit float binary files. Now that could perhaps be something… I guess you’d have some problems finding an app that can do anything with that too, of course…

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Hm, good idea… external render. Yes. Thanks.