"Zdzichu, the Troll"

I think model is finished. Now it’s time for some movement.
Modeled and rendered in blender.
Texturing in gimp.

Well you’ve done some awesome work on modeeling, on texturing and on the environement.
Nothing else to say for me.

This is a well created character. Skin is a little rough in places, but maybe that is intentional. Good use of mist! He’s not engaging the viewer, which is interesting. It looks like he just saw something scurrying across on the ground or he’s thinking about what to have for lunch :slight_smile:

I look forward to seeing your animation too,


This is really cool stuff. I especially like the texturing. A lot of the models I’ve seen lately are too clean; this one is nice and dirty. :slight_smile:

great work, grzybu! i love the axe. though i think that the scar on the forehead is too deep and the dots look unnatural and out of place. maybe have the dots more randomly placed instead of right along the edge of the scar? anyway, it’s awesome.

oh, if i may ask, what is your method for making the ground the troll is standing on? it looks very realistic. Is it just use of a bumpy ground surface with high res textures, or am i missing something. thanx!

Fantastic, I like the rough skin texture, looks great.

Ground is just high poly plane, with photo as texture and displacement. That’s all.

First off - that’s a pretty cool troll you’ve made there. :smiley:

That said (hope you can handle the critique that comes now…)

  • The toenails looks out of place, kind of too clumpy. It’s fine for
    the troll itself to be kind of uneven…but details like nails tend to be
    shaped evenly, therefor it doesn’t quite live up to the rest of your nice image.

  • The axe, especially the blade…looks unconvincing. Because the
    texture has cracks in it…and the axeblade-mesh itself looks brand new
    that doesn’t fit in. The shaft looks like it has been made in a modern
    factory, so it’s completely out of picture with this rough troll.

  • The leather-shoulderstrap across his chest should be “tight”, not
    loosely shaped with his chest, this is also making it kind of
    unconvincing to look at.

Go the whole distance with this image - it’s already very good, but
you could do better.

I know it could be much better, but now I have to focus on riging and start learnig character animation, and Zdzichu was made for this puropose :wink:

I made 3DNP version of this troll.
For now it’s small but if someone will be interested I can render bigger version.