Zebra Living Room


After Vinyl, here is my last work.
Render in cycles 2000 samples no Postprod.
I tried to make a livingroom, this is the best I can do for now.
I hope you like it.
(Zebra skin 100% polyestere no animals were harmed during the project :))

Nice work, i assume the cat it’is a cut.

The cat,like the rhino, are Daz models(i’m not an organic modeler) the cat was exported in obj with a simple hair done in blender.

Excellent job!
If you like please share some settings and some stats.
Your images are almost noise-less, is the scene open or did you used the AO trick?

I like the render but why would you throw so much stuff on the floor?

Fancy! Esp. the coral thing. I think it looks very interesting overall.

to ArcHWiZ : Why not :p, do you have children or cat? I have 2 children and always stuff to the ground :).

to SunBurn : Yes I use “AO” the scene is completely closed except for windows.I use sometimes heretics settings :evilgrin:.

Thanks for the reply but the link seems broken :frowning:

Very nice interior, grabeunwik it seems you know what you are doing.

Excellent render, mate! Could you please show us how you set up the lighting in the scene? I’m also working on 1 interior scene but cannot achieve desirable amount of light in the room. Thanks!

excellent work

to Sajmon92: You have my settings up in this thread and there is only a sun in the scene with Emission at 3.00 no area no portal
I play with HDRI intensity, AO(the most important for this scene) and Colormanagment.