Zed or Zee axis?

Just wondering what the majority of Blender users call the Z-axis, do you say Zed axis or Zee axis. Being an American, I say Zee axis (thanks to the alphabet song…) but I know the rest of the world pronounces the last letter as Zed.

but I know the rest of the world pronounces the last letter as Zed.
You know wrong :wink:

It’s called Zod-axis or you die.



If you call “Z” - “zee” how do you call “C” ? ^^

Aren’t they X-ray, Yankee and Zulu?

Looks like so far the Zeds are in the minority!

@arexma: C is pronounced see

It’s funny, I’m English, so of course would say Zed…

I remember a few years ago in the studio where I used to work: we were all trying z-brush for the first time…

we all called it zed brush… then some smart alec tried to correct us "no no, it’s pronounced “zee brush” and got laughed out of town, no one cared that he was probably correct…

probably something to do with zee being a predominately American pronunciation…

What hipocrites, we all pronounced XSI softimaaaaje after all… and we have a historically worse relationship with the French!

… but then you sound like a moron saying “soft” and “image”


Silly American! Your dialect is geographical, not based on software use. (And I’m silly for getting pulled into this thread!)

Zed. and I still find myself typing “color” instead of “colour” at work… :frowning:

There should be other options. In languages other than English/American that letter is pronounced differently. I think is Spanish its closer to see

I say zee
In German and English it is zed, in Spanish it is zeta, the Greek letter they took if from is zeta; how did us Americans come to call it zee?

Here’s an interesting article on the possible origin of Zee. It also talks about how Noah Webster promoted the Zee pronunciation in the 1800s.

Zed, like i would say i am from “eN Zed” (NZ)

I say zee…?
In Hungarian it sounds almost like zee, but the ‘ee’ is more open, like when you say the ‘a’ in the word ‘age’. This more open sound is actually a vowel in Hungarian, and looks like this in writing: ‘é’. So actually we say ‘zé’ ! :slight_smile:

In german “Z” is a very hard letter.
if you would have to pronounce it in german written with english letters it would be written:
tz like in Tz Tz Tz ^^
a like in action (Schwarzenegger pronounciation ^^)
tt like in jet

So its easy to stick with BE and so its Zed for me :slight_smile:

I say “zed” :wink:

Zed, absolutely. I’m Australian. We take pride in our independence and individuality, so we’d never copy the American pronunciation. We copy the British instead. :stuck_out_tongue:

Zed, as I said :evilgrin: Reminding us of England (or the British Empire) and the Queen’s English and the number of English recipes we managed to rip off them before landing in what will be called Australia :eyebrowlift:

“Zed” with the exception of “Zee Zee Top”.