Zeelproject.com legit?

Has anyone tried zeelproject.com? Their site seems to have a lot of nice stuff and it’s all free… but the fact it’s ALL free makes me suspicious. They have no presence on social media either, except one spokesperson with about six followers… Even if they were new I’d have thought there would be more talk about them if their free content was as good as it appears. I’m hesitant to download anything from their website.

Seems fine. I grabbed one “set” as a test, fixed up the maps, and got this. They seem to monetise from content creators, so probably will not last long. Obviousely still needs work for a decent render, but not a bad starting point.

So the creators pay to get their work featured? They’d get more exposure just giving it away themselves.

Seems that way if you look at their subscription model.

But on the whole, after 10 minutes of playing with the textures, and one modification to the model (the water in the glass jug was just a surface model) I got to this, so looks like a useful start for models you don’t want to make.

I’ll give them a shot then, thanks.

Available file formats ?

The one I got, max, fbx, obj and mtl. Came neatly packaged, with maps and exports in separate folders (makes fixing up the textures easier) and the max export in its own directory.

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Y’Know - I could have fun with this if I thought it made any sense (it doesn’t) and if I was going to bother saving it.