zeffii - Sketchbook

I never know where to stick these loose things, so here:

and using the same lighting and scene:

I think it’s safe to say i’ve been a bit obsessed with the Italian Futrist Saint’Elia

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and sometimes the wireframe looks cooler than the shaded render:


Cool stuff, espcially the architecture.

for some dribbble thing i never finished.

I think the trumpet is my favourite but the toy robot is also very cool. Would like to see it with full materials.

Thank you, the trumpet was one of the first polygon models I ever made, as a former CAD only user.

the tipo 312 alfa romeo 1938. Cycles was still new.

And some experimenting with mass and odd lighting. (Clothed concept by Tom McDowell)

never really got into rigging/posing, so the fun stopped at the modelling stage.

A high poly replica of the 1970’s NASA LRV

this taught me a lot about mirroring, radial arrays, procedural texturing (using the wood cross-hatch for the wire wheels) - This model is also available on Blendswap in two flavours (one updated to cycles…but it’s a while back so the results will probably look a little different)

This started out as a sketch, i didn’t intend to go nuts on it.

your city-like in the third post, is wonderful. you should render close-ups, (pleaaaaase :slight_smile: )

Great sketchbook, well done! :smiley:

@Kaerhon best i can do is render an aerial view, i’m afraid closeups won’t look great.
heres’s a big render, as you can see I only modeled what was visible in the original architectural perspective drawing.

warning, large image

futurist saltbed sailpod docking station

one of my first BMesh experiments when it first came out.

A while back I wrote an IGS importer to be able to get at the .igs files provided on the iLoveSketch Siggraph demo page. The .igs files don’t include NURBS surface data, but they did include the raw NURBS curves to get an idea of the main shapes. It took me several hours to nicely align NURBS surfaces with the input.

I consider these sketches because they aren’t finished, but they vastly improved my understanding of NURBS implementation in Blender.

all design credit should go to the anonymous SIGGRAPH visitors who made these 3d drawing outlines…

Re-opening to allow OP to update.

Thanks Richard W!

I’ll be posting a couple of parametric sketches done with the Sverchok addon. The first few will be very tame compared to the high quality stuff in a lot of these sketchbook threads.

Starting off with a few tests of the 2pt Spline node using UVconnection node to make surfaces.

this uses the new ‘inset specials’ node in Sverchok, not all parameters are implemented yet, but it will allow per face

  • inset (on / off) and amount
  • shift by vector relative to face normal and amount.
  • create inner face (on / off)