Zelda help

Hello everyone
I really want to create a game but have no idea how to use blenders game engine.
I wan to create a ZELDA game. But not any old ZELDA game I would like to make a ganondorf game called Ganondorf prince of thieves.
He would control fluidly like prince of Persia and have acrobatic skills.
He has his two swords like the wind waker and this is his life before during and after the wind waker obviously shortened down to a 15 min game.
It would be a platformer game where there’d be some pits and walls at the side so he’d wall jump.
He’d encounter link but win instead.
He starts in gerudo desert which is slowly being flooded and then he dies
This is the old ganondorf
Then the new ganondorf was created on the forsaken fortress and this is when he needed to battle his way to the top to take over the forsaken fortress cos he knew that he was destined to be an evil king. So far dats wat I got

Also the combat is like a zeldagame but instead he does a double strike with his two swords

Learn to the use Blender Game Engine.