Zelda Items

Well, I’ve decided I’m going to model out a ton of the main character’s (Link) items, and put them all over a desk sort of thing.

One problem I’ve hit, can’t figure out how to arrange them all. Suggestions?

C&C Needed.


From which game are you basing the items from?
Im guessing Ocarina of Time.
You should arrange them like they are in the game invetory. Or in any way you want. It is your WIP.

I’m actually mixing items from all of the games. The Ocarina and Fairy Slingshot are from OOT, but the compass and potion bottles are fron Link’s Awakening.

I’m not very familiar with the Zelda games, but i can comment on this from a purely aesthetic point of view.

At the moment I think the problem is that there is no clear focal point to this image. The textures of the wall/background and the wood plank are both equally detailed and equally strong, thus figting for the viewer’s attention. Add to that the fact that both these surfaces seem to be receiving an even lighting, makes this a little too much to look at.


  • Tone down the textures
  • Dramatise the lighting to provide clearer demarkation between light and shade. Maybe a shaft of light from a window/ceiling opening falling on your objects.

Overall, this is a good start and I really like the textures individually. Keep tweaking and you’ll get there.