Zelda Lost House Adventure Part 01

This is a animation i did all in blender then composited in After Effects.
Tell me how you like it thanks :slight_smile:

Very good – excellent camera tracking. I am trying to figure out how you did it. Did you rip the model and actions from a game or did you do all of that yourself? did you use the NLA editor or did you do straight ahead animation?

Regardless – impressive stuff – the planning and organization required… you could make it big!

Thought it was great. 5 stars from me since I thought the tracking, animation, and concept were all great.

Look forward to seeing Part 2

amazing i am a beginner and i loved it! I want to make stuff like that too!

That was incredibly awesome.
The amount of work must have been enormous. The enemy explosions and effects looked really good. You definitely got the feel of Wind Waker pretty down.

Some suggestions for part 2: The actual real world camera work could be improved a bit. Was it all planned out first or did you film stuff and then decide how to fill it after? Either way it seemed to work for the design really well, just the angles and lighting (of the real environments -obviously the 3D was lit to match) could have been better. It’d be neat to try and do some real-world cinematography as if from the angles that the game uses. That’d be really cool.
Also, Link could be more animated. He felt a bit rigid at times.
Finally, it’d be cool to see more of the real-world environment. The last couple levels it was hard to tell what kind of room we were in and there wasn’t much need for the camera-tracking after the bathroom scene. I think it’d be cool to see more integration with the environment. Maybe he could go outside even? It might take a lot of planning though.

This was fantastic work though especially all on your own. Great job!

EDIT: Submitted this to BlenderNation.

It looks like the real zelda. Could we get more info on how you are doing this work ? Quaz

Loved it. The characters feet seem to slide a lot, but apart from that small niggle you’ve done really well. Looking forward to part 2.

It’s awesome. I’ve just started working with blender. So for a beginner reaching to this point is really amazing. I never ever thought that such beautiful things can be prepared by this. I like the software, because of it’s perfect 3D effect, but I’m facing a lot of problem in understanding the complexities here. Really looking forward to make a similar animation using blender myself.

First off, really great work - especially on on your own. I commend you for finishing such a huge project!

Now just a few nitpicks :stuck_out_tongue:

  • The camera movement was excessive and unnecessary. If there’s not a reason for a camera move, then leave it out. I know you wanted to play with the camera tracker, but it just wasn’t necessary and was distracting from the story.
  • The character animation seemed rigid and weightless, and his feet slid around a lot.

Other than those few nitpicks, though, it was a job well done! I especially liked the enemy explosions! :smiley:

Did you model everything yourself?

Awesome work! really loved this and looking forward to part 2, a little tutorial on how you did this would be great!

Really well done :slight_smile:
It was obviously a strong mashup, seeing for instance mostly TP enemies against WW Link, but that worked very well.

When you work on it again, and I say when, because I’d really love to see more, please try to improve on the stiffness of the animation that currently is present.

I am still waiting for the part dude :slight_smile:

This is a great idea. I really like your conceot , and the models are really great. Congrats!. I agree with kram1032, you should work a bit on your animation so it doesnt look so stiff, like that you can take your project to a whole new level.

Thanks :smiley: and I ripped The models from WW and TP from a game but i had to create all the animation (Actions myself. As well as rig watch character)

Thanks Everybody :slight_smile: ~ Sorry I haven’t Written in forever. I’m working on lots of videos at the moment and I’m even busy freelancing. so for a 19 year old its a bit much. But thanks :D.

Also to I’n general ask answer most of your questions. I ripped the WW and PT models but I had to rig each one. This was my first time Rigging anything like that. Or animating on this scale. And believe me animating is not my finest area so as some of you said Link happened to slide way way too much! I’ll be working on that in Part 2. Also I tracked with a 2D plainer Tracker Mocah for After Effects, because after effects is where I completed all the compositing. About 2 shots where completed with Boujou. Also I have read a lot about the scenes being way to shaky and i’ll have the lot of the next shots be static shots.

Thanks again everyone :smiley: don’t forget to check out my Youtube Channel because I’ll need all the support I can get. Thanks :slight_smile:

I agree. I’ll play with the animation. Its just my weakest of my talents at the moment hahaha ~

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I agree with all your points and thank you :smiley: Also the only thing I didn’t do was model characters just the environments. The models where ripped from the games actually. But I’ll be modeling a few of my own characters for part 2