Zelda, Master Sword.

Still got a few things to sort out before I start to fail at making a BG. I’m not really sure about the rocks, but I suck at texturing rocks. :o

Feel free to post your comments.


The model is nice, but please do yourself the favour of looking to an alternative picture format for the render. BMP is almost never advisable - this file of yours is 1.5 MB while in JPG format it’d probably have been around 150 KB at highest quality. Use the save as JPEG option in the render screen of Blender (press F3 in Windows, specify file name).

if you want “better rocks” then (lscm) uv map them as simpel as that :wink:

http://blender.org/cms/Model_Material_Light.397.0.html you can find the video tut in here

The sword is looking good, the metal texture especially, now it just needs a decent rock for it to be imprisoned in.